Best forecast maps.....

I also got the earlybird special. I can't wait to see how the F5DATA program works this spring.
A little late, but I'll chime in with my couple pennies...

Two factors decide which data sources I use - regional maps and being free. If I can't get a regional map, then the source is worthless to me. And with so much free data out there, I'll never understand why anyone would pay for it.

I use College of Dupage and SPC's mesoanalysis pages pretty much exclusively. I love CoD's graphics. I'll generally start there and then use the SPC page to compare my chosen target VS the real-time best supercell parameters, it makes forecasting a little less excruciating for me, by adding an element of anticipation. Nothing pleases me more than the real-time conditions for supercell bullseye lining up with my target area.

Granted, CoD is usually the last source to update, but all that really does is keep me from seeing the latest run and being able to freak out on it with everyone else for another hour or so. I can live with that.