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Jun 24, 2004
I'm bored, stir crazy, ect ... This warm January weather is driving me nuts! (should disappear next week) I have watched most of my chase videos and DVDs more than once. Yes, I have VHS still. Anyway I think I'll treat myself to a new one or two. So, lets hear from you! What is your favorite chase video? It can be new or old school, what ever as long as it has that "wow!" factor. If there is enough response in a few days I'll compile a list and we can have a poll to rank them. Self promotion is discouraged, as this is the peoples choice awards. If nothing else we'll kill some time and maybe sell some videos for a few lucky chasers!
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I've found Bill Reid's videos to be my favorites to watch. I probably enjoy his and Dave Lewison's the most. Their "annoying factor" is as low as it gets to me, which can be a decent part of the chase video experience. Video's I used to love I do not any more as I notice too many things and am now largely annoyed, lol. When I go to grab a video it's often Dave's or Bill's. Often the less serious a person is, the better it is to me.

Samaras' video is obviously at the top as far as I'm concerned. He's also not at all annoying and shoots the best stuff, or the best quite often.

Annoying factors to avoid:

Repeating everything! I can't watch a certain chaser's video anymore due to this. I'd point out who but then you'd just notice and be annoyed too.

Telling other chasers with you to be careful over and over. "Watch out for the lightning George." "Watch out for the hail, Steven." I watched one that really made me wonder. It's like, just stay the hell home if you're going to be that concerned about your partner. "Watch out for the rain, Bob!"

Screaming. It's amazing how easy it is to chase and not need to scream like a madman.

I guess the worst might be some of the serious serious folks, that never seem to have any non-serious side. Those get boring to me fast.

My opinion is probably silly. I've watched so many chase vids now that I kind of want to see a certain "type" now. The storms can be very cool from anyone, but the personality behind it can give the thing some shelf life...after the storm seems a bit old.

I have many other chasers that I enjoy what they get and how they are on their videos. I just mentioed my two favorites.
Fav. Video

That is one in-depth explanation Mike, My favorite video is definetely Tim Samaras': 'Driven by Passion'. The experiment he devoted himself to is brilliant and record breaking and the tornado footage throughout the dvd is high contrast/quality. Awesome and awe-inspiring!

(PS: Who could forget the video of the nearly direct hit on his video probe, that is my favorite of all-time!)
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I'm addicted to storm chase videos and have a whole collection. I would suggest the "Storms of" series. The most recent is "Storm of 2006" The others are 2004, 2005. They are entertaining, educational and the money goes to a good cause. Since they are compilations, you can look up the different contributors and purchase some of their videos separately. Only a small amount of video from each event/videographer goes into the "Storms of" series.

I agree that Dave Lewison, Tim Samaras, Amos Magliocco and Shane Adam's videos are great and fun as listed before. Also check out Scott Mcpartland's DVDs. Roger Hill always finds tornadoes and he has a nice series, "In Search of Supercells" I also like Scott Blair's/Jason Politte's highlights from 2004.

If you are into hurricanes, check out anything by Jim Leonard. Weather vine's Hurricane Charley is amazing or BNVN's video from Katrina in New Orleans.

There is a lot of "Old School" stuff. My early interest in severe weather/tornadoes was supported by the Tornado Video Classics series by the Tornado Project. They are now available in DVD. The Chasers of Tornado Alley is a very accurate look at chasing from the mid 90's and is another "mus have" for any chaser.

Bill Hark
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Seems like when January rolls around...I'm reaching for a Bill Reid video. That guy always finds the strangest music from obscure artists that I never heard of. Reid is a true artist when it comes to assembling a video. I can't wait for his next release. My collection of Reid classics date back to 1993.

So many to choose from...right now my current fave is without a doubt William Hark's "Eastern Fury" comp. dvd...spectacular, never before seen videos. I guess technically it's not a chase video, but who's counting. Tim Samaras' dvd is also a fave. Anything By Dean Cosgrove...and Bill Reid...and Jim Leonard, especially his 1999 dvd, with his car getting beat to hell. Shane Adams always has something good..especially this year with a couple of rare "no one else around" tornadoes. Tim Marshall's early 90's videos have some classic moments. And of course the "Storms Of...." series.

"Watch out for the lightning George." "Watch out for the hail, Steven." I watched one that really made me wonder.

Mike, you mean you would not appreciate the warning so you could calmly step to side and let the CG pass harmlessly into the earth beside you.

I too find that caution thing quite amusing.

Mike Hollingshead's DVD's are hard to pass up, often seems to be in the best positions.

I also like Dave Lewison - not scared to film the down days and injects some humour. Tells a story as well as a storm DVD.

I only have one of Amos's - Cyclone Road and it is a favourite. Similar to Dave has the elements of chasing part from tornadoes covered.

The DVD's I do find tiresome after initial watch are ironically those that focus solely to the tornado, and ignore other storm structure, the days build up, etc.
I haven't watched a chase video in over a year - and certainly not one from the last chase season.

I would like to make one myself should I ever take video instead of stills - but I don't have a clue how to work with any of the video editing software so it would be a very large undertaking.

Allow me to make another shameless plug for the Storms of 20xx series. One of the best things about taking over this project is that I get to see all of YOUR best work. This project is truely one-of-a-kind because it's all of YOUR best video and production efforts.

I hope to keep this thing going for many years to come as a way to not only help storm victims with our donations but as a way to document each year in one consise DVD.

Now back to digging myself out of this ground-blizzard! :eek:
Annoying factors to avoid:

Screaming. It's amazing how easy it is to chase and not need to scream like a madman.

I am guilty of that lol. Granted I have only seen one tornado in my life (so far), I (we) couldn't help but get a little over-excited over the sight. It won't happen again. Looking back at the video I just wish I could mute out our voices.

My two favorites would be Samaras' "Driven By Passion" and MH's "The Dream". I have seen many others too that just aren't that interesting. I know the most mediocre of videos is still a million times better than the two we have, so that just makes the excellent ones that much better. :cool:
I have to say Storms of 2006 or National Geographics "Tornado Intercept" are my top 2 favorites. Storms of 2006 definently is the best I have seen.
Sorry I've been busy the last couple of days and haven't kept up with this thread. There are a lot of good suggestions by everyone, but if we need specific titles so we can have a poll for the "people's choice award". How about any of Tim marshal's stuff? I've only seen one before, and it had the Moore, OK night tornado and another up in KS (can't remember where) that crossed the road right behind him, very cool! I like the way Tim goes through the days setups before the footage, and how can you not laugh at "... take some stills Carson...take more stills" Anyway, lets have some specific titles.

ps: Please don't anyone take this personal if your video doesn't get mentioned, were just trying to kill January!

pss: We'll let Vern's shameless plug slide, as it is for a good cause, and it really isn't "his" video.