Best Camera

Jun 13, 2004
Parker, SD, USA
Hey everyone. I'm looking at buying a new camera for weather photography this year. I was wondering what everyone thought was the best camera for it all and why? and would you reccommend digital or film?

First of all, I moved this from Weather and Chasing to here cause you're asking about equipment.

Second of all, this is kind of a broad question... do you want Digital or film (each has their own advantages, so what would you be using it for)? I'm in the hunt myself and think I've narrowed it down, but with no experience with digital, I'm a bit at a loss for your Q. I've been using a Canon AE-1 for quite some time now, but that camera is probably older than I am. It's a great manual camera and the first SLR I've owned. I'm looking to upgrade into the newer age of SLRs, but the thought of sticking with my AE-1 has defanately crossed my mind!

In looking, though, I've been looking at the Canon Rebel series; both in film and digital. My film choice stands right now between the GII and the Ti in the Canon Rebel series... lenses I'm not an expert on, so you may want to look harder at those.

Also, I'd suggest you browse around the forums in the Equipment Section to help you out a bit. There are tons of threads started on various types of cameras, the differences, and everything else. I would strongly suggest you look through those and post questions to those threads if they're not immediately answered within the thread.
Yea, you're going to need to be a bit more specific.

In the meantime, give the other camera threads in the 'Chase Equipment" category a read. Much has already been discussed.