being unprepared


Now I realize the importance of being prepared. When I saw those storms coming yesterday, I wasn't planning on chasing them. I just assumed it would pass over. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to think. 30 seconds time, I saw debris rotating and heading towards the car. Actually, my storm chasing days are probably close to an end. Ran out of steam...ended up at ER, etc. It was not fun. If I hadn't been hit with the storm cellar door, all would be well today and I would be very excited. I feel like an old Buick...too many miles and dents. It was spectacular, though, I must say! I wish Doplar dave or Gary England would have been here. CIAO!
sorry to hear it. but out of all the hobbies out there, you gatta admit that this one is a serious adrenalin rush like no other.