Atmospheric Time Lapses from 2006

Jul 13, 2004
Olathe, KS
I've posted a short video of some of my best atmospheric time-lapses from 2006. There's not much severe stuff since this year was below average (in fact most of the lapses were shot in and around Lubbock, TX, though a few are from Valdez, Alaska and one is from Washington DC), but any atmospheric phenomenon is fascinating when put into motion. You can view the video on this site (once you click this link, you will immediately start to buffer the video file, which is about 50 for the progress bar in the position slider to gain some ground before you hit Play):

Watching this video always gets me pumped up for convective season. Crank it up at the volume check.

Running time ~ 6 minutes.


The splitting cells lapse was taken from Lubbock looking east-northeast. The storms were already off the caprock by the time I started lapsing (~50 miles). I forget what exact day that was, but there was a tornado that hit Childress that evening. You can actually see a fleeting lapse of that Childress storm a few sequences in as the sun sets on its backsheared anvil. That storm was at least 120 miles away at that time. Gotta love the visibility of west Texas (except in dusty outflow).

Thanks for the kind words, Chris. Congrats on the Bears victory today.