ARS-2033 Copy Smart Plus 1-to-7 DVD Ultra Speed Copy Duplica


I have not put this on Ebay yet but will if nobody is interested on Stormtrack.

$140 for this unit, includes shipping. I paid $200 less then 4 months ago for this. What is it? It is an unused control unit for a stand alone DVD copy station. Your able to burn 7 DVDs from one master disk.

Of course you will have to buy the computer case to hold the 8 DVD Burners and the 8 DVD Burners to read and make the DVDs but prices on those are not that bad now days.

Why am I selling this? Its collecting dust. I never got around to making the DVD -R copy tower? I did not have the time and we found a place to send stuff out to do the hurricane stuff by the thousands.

More info can obtained about this DVD copy controler unit at

Email me off list if your interested.