Argentina Storm Chase Expedition

I thought it would be great to share with you some news about a ongoing storm chase expedition currently in South America, that Storm Chaser Jim Edds is currently on. Jim is currently on a storm expedition in search of the worlds most intense lightning storms. Jim is filming with the BBC for a upcoming documentary on National Geographic about these intense thunderstorm convergence area’s in Argentina east of the Andes mountains.

You can read more and view some images on my blog page. I will be updating Jim's incoming storm images and news updates from him over the weekend and next week.

Wishing I was with him...looks like fun!

Jeff Gammons
Dear Jeff

Prior to his trip Jim wrote us on his expedition. As I wrote him the forecast was for an environemnt favorable to thunderstorms in extreme northern Argentina (Salta region) late in February and early in March. He may got some last night, but since yesterday and in the next days the scenario still is much more favorable to lightining storms in Southen Brazil and Uruguay (my neighborhood). You can see lightning actitivity in South America updated each 10 minutes in this website.

Acordding to the researchs we have here, the region in the continent with more lightning is the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, central part of the country ans south of the Amazon basin. The most severe weather takes place in central Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil.

I told Jim in private but I would like to express here our best wishes to a sucessful trip.

Good luck Jim. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Actually, I won't be too far behind you...

I'll be down in Argentina and Chile starting March 19th. But instead of chasing lightning storms, I'll be going after the notorious waters in the southern ocean. I'll be down at Ushuia and Puerto Williams, the most southerly town in the world, sailing around Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel.

The whole thing is being filmed for "Angry Planet" on the Outdoor Life Network.

The area is well known as having some of the roughest seas in the world and is a graveyard of shipwrecks. Any farther south and your next stop would be Antarctica!

George Kourounis

I am sure you know, but to the others it is interesting to say Ushuaia is also known as "fin del mundo" in Spanish or "end of the of the world".


I recommend one very good site for anyone who want to travel to Tierra del Fuego.

There is also an automatic weather station from the Argentinian Weather Service with hourly updates from Ushuaia.

I was planning to travel to Ushuaia the past winter, but work kept me here in Brazil. Tierra del Fuego is magic !!! If possible don't miss the glaciars at Perito Moreno. Magnificent landscape !!!

Have a great trip !!