Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
Has anyone tried this product in actual chasing conditions? For those not familiar, this is a similar product to Rain-X but is supposed to last much, MUCH longer, like on the order of 6 times longer, not wearing off quickly like Rain-X will under heavy wiper use.

The guy that owns the glass show that put my new windshield in this week gave me some to test out and let him know how I liked it. I am looking forward to trying it with some of the comments I have found about it on the Internet.
I first used it in 2003 when it was still about $65 and it lasted for a year on my wifes van. I have used it on my chase vehicle for two years and it is the best out there. I use it on my patrol car as well and can drive in a downpour with out the wipers in use. Price now about $9
David, I own a glass shop and we sell it. It is light years better than rain x. I would offer it to stormtrack members at my cost but it is about the same price as you would pay on ebay.
Where can you pick it up at? Something that needs to be ordered, or could I pick it up at Wal-mart or an auto shop like Rainx? I'm certainly intrigued, as reapplying the rainx every couple weeks certainly loses its fun.
The glass shop that does my glass, the owner there gave it to me. You might call a few glass shops in your area, see who has it.