Anyone have any thoughts on the NASCS

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National Association of Storm Chasers and Spotters -

I found this association during a google search. Any thoughts about this? Take care all & 73.

Christopher, N3QXX
Anti Chasing legislation??

Sorry if this is off topic, but I briefly read through their mission statement and this caught my eye....

It has been suggested the NASCAS Board be composed of a single representative from the following interests:
Legal and Lobbying (to work with states and local governments who are currently considering anti-chasing legislation,
e.g., Oklahoma)

I was not aware that ANY state was considering anti chasing legislation. :( Anyone know of any others considering this? That would truly suck!
Anyone know who started this Group. And why ya gotta pay for a membership other than for the upkeep of the site. I mean whos involved here. do any veteran chasers have a member ship? anyone well known?

Is this a pre government org? What?

I do like what they stated though

Imposters, Thrill Seekers, Klingons, etc.: Individuals who have absolutely no purpose or reason for chasing other than the "thrill of it." Unlike hobbyist and other types of storm chasers, this relatively new group is comprised of individuals who have little or no respect for other chasers, meteorology, storm spotting or the consequences of their sophomoric and sometimes dangerous actions. "Klingons" are inexperienced individuals who follow (without permission) experienced or scientific chasers. Imposters are generally inexperienced individuals who purposely misrepresent themselves in order to justify or legitimize their chasing activities. Some imposters have gone as far as posing as scientists, media chasers or even rescuers to gain access to closed or evacuated areas. The media needs to be especially weary of these individuals. (Not to be confused with non-professional hobbyists or amateurs who chase in a responsible manner and do not misrepresent themselves).
EDIT Ah my suspiscions were correct. I thought mr. Warren Faidley had something to do with this. Frankly i have nothing against him. I actually met him once on May 12th Tony L was there. I don't think he knew who he was though lol. might be wrong.
A little Warren bashing seems to crop up a few times a year - folks are being nicer with this round (so far). I've never heard of any positive impact from joining this group - and the negative I guess is you are donating money to Warren, for a goofy certificate and coupons to buy even more of Warren's stuff. A lot of folks are turned off by Warren's actions toward the chasing community, so many are not excited about giving him anything. Anyway, if you decide to join, maybe you could give us feedback.

There was talk late last spring of perhaps forming a chaser association from a core group here - but as the season ended, so did the concerns, and this idea died away. I've yet to see any serious attempts by any state to throttle back chasing - but I have seen some spotty law enforcement where considerable effort is made to slow down speeding chasers through their communities. I recall seeing many pulled over chasers during an event in NE last year, maybe May 22? I'd expect that to flair up again this spring as well.

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Yikes... You guys better watch what you say! I wonder if *someone* reads the forums over here? Anyway, I doubt a lawsuit for slander/libel will get very far without any actual proof of intent to cause damage...
Status points, I'd imagine. Certainly doesn't do a thing to assist with one's ability to chase or spot storms.