Another Computer / Browser Question

Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
:? Hi, this is driving me crazy so maybe someone has an idea. When I go to Yahoo Finance and click on the chart of a company for some reason it tabs it or line feeds the actual chart to the bottom half of the screen. It just shows a navigation type pane on the left but no chart on the right. This is with my desktop. My widescreen notebook displays it correctly.

How does it look on your computer? I've tried all different resolutions and no change.

Oh PS: This is with Internet Explorer 6.

Any ideas on how to display this correctly or what might be causing the problem?
Originally posted by Jeff Snyder
Can you make a screen capture? Also, have you rebooted since this problem? If not, do so first.

Here's a shot of it Jeff.

Little things like that bug me. Anyway yeah, I already rebooted. I was going to try and install a later version of IE but it says I already have the latest version.
Hate to pontificate, but I switched to Firefox last August, and it soooooo rocks. Stop using IE!


*edit* LOL, I guess Jeff and I think alike. Want to also mention that, Luddite that I am, I hate new stuff, but IE was crashing my computer so badly that I was really left with no choice but to try Firefox. Solved 90% of my problems.
As with anything, gotta play with it to get it how you want it, and you gotta get it set for a couple things (like to allow Java loops), but it's one of the easiest-to-use new softwares I've ever downloaded.

My computer is so screwed that I can't even load the latest IE version if I want to. And, with changes to Webshots Jan 18, I will have to change to a diff place for my photos. Grrr.

Okay, one other thing...

I started using this Firefox extension about a week ago, and I highly recommend it. Blocks all pop-ups that Firefox otherwise misses, if nothing else!
Originally posted by rdewey
Bill, my IE does the same thing... FireFox displays it correctly though.

Yeah it works on my Firefox too on my notebook. On the notebook I have IE and Firefox. For chasing I mostly use Firefox and have the tabs set up to auto load in the field upon connect - Pretty nifty!

My IE also has a new problem for about the last 6 mos or so. On all the Java animations the stop button doesn't work. So far UCAR models if I loop it I can't stop it to look at a particular day. Same with satellite loops. Firefox works though.

Maybe I just need to put Firefox on the desktop and forget about IE. Seems like there was something I liked about IE though, but I just can't remember what it is.
As another chaser once told me: "People who still use IE are just gluttons for punishment." Firefox: better browser, more features, less likely to infect your computer with virii, fungii, and little men hiding in wooden horses. I say go for it. Trust me, you won't miss IE.
I didn't want to start a whole new thread so I revived this one.

Ok, I want to switch to Firefox. Besides importing my favorites, what else do I need to do? Once I'm happy with Firefox can I totally get rid of IE? What other folders can I dump that contain IE stuff I'll no longer need.
[To the original post]

What is your screen resolution? I'm guessing since you probably have a large monitor and/or screen resolution, the page has incompatibility issues with such a setup. It displays fine on my screen.
Originally posted by B Ozanne
Besides importing my favorites, what else do I need to do? Once I'm happy with Firefox can I totally get rid of IE? What other folders can I dump that contain IE stuff I'll no longer need.

There are people on this forum who are much more knowledgeable than me about these issues, but I'll offer my input anyway:

I don't believe you can totally get rid of IE. IE is apparently needed to open some apps like Control Panel. Also, I use Yahoo Messenger every night to talk to my g/f, and when she gives me a link to something in there, it opens with IE. I imagine there's a way to cure that, but I haven't yet discovered how. It's not something I worry about anyway, though. It's not like it ruins my day for IE to open a site every now and then.

When I first started using Firefox, loops wouldn't run at all. I fixed that by clicking Tools/Options/Web Features/Advanced (to the right of <Enable JavaScript>), then checked (Allow scripts to) Change Images.

There are a bunch of Extensions available to tweak your Firefox experience. I have installed two that I like and recommend.

The first one I recommend is SearchPluginHacks, which allows you to easily delete Search Plugins from your FF browser. What is a Search Plugin?

Let's say you prefer Yahoo maps. Download the Yahoo Maps search plugin. Then, click on its icon in the little Search Plugins window in the upper right of your FF browser, and enter, say, "Norman OK", and up comes the map. It just makes it a little easier to search than going to the Yahoo web site first.

The other Extension I use is NoScript

I didn't even know what scripts are until I downloaded this, LOL! I feel safer surfing with that. It will also get your pages downloaded faster because it will block stuff like animated ads that appear on web pages. It basically blocks embedded links, too, but of course, it is all controllable.