Amazing video out of Portland, Oregon

Actually, that is amazing video. There is absolutely no friction on that road. Those cars look like curling stones on a tilted ice sheet. I wonder how steep those roads are, they don't look like much.
Although it's hard to see from the viewing angle, it looks like the streets are on a very steep hill judging from how fast the cars accellerate once they start sliding. People at the top are just creeping along until they turn down the hill. The first guy looks like he was trying to power out of his slide toward the pole and the next steep drop, which only made things worse for him.
I think you can pick up the slope of the street if you look at the terraced yard next to the sidewalk. With no other reference points though, it is hard to tell, especially with the low lighting and lack of shadows.
What would suck is if the Fire truck did the same thing. Cool video to watch, but very bad for those invovled.

That ain't no lie. I've driven fairly large pumper truck just on 8 inches of snow and I learned VERY quick you have to give yourself about 10 times more maneuvering distance in it that a regular vehicle. There would have been some seriously CRUSHED vehicles down that street if it had gone that way.

Makes you wonder how the cops write up accidents like that. I think that one car hit 4 or 5 different vehicles that were then hit by other vehicles. I mean, who's insurance pays? The first one to whack it or the fifth one. LOL
What were those people who were standing around thinking?? That was definitely get-your-butt-in time.
Holy cow at the fire truck vid!!! Cool to watch from the comfort of a nice, warm computer lab, but would suck to be there.
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I can't believe people kept trying to drive even after the first couple of crashes. Wow, unbelievable. You'd think after seeing what one car did you'd go out and look at the road and say "nope, not going there."