Amazing Torando Documentary on TONIGHT!

Sarah Norris

Have any of you heard about this? It was mentioned on Jack and Ron yesterday morning.

Tornado Glory, a storm chasing documentary following Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor is on OETA at 9pm tonight.

It sounds like it includes some really good footage and is put together by meteorologists so should be a good show.
Ken Cole, the guy who made it, is a friend of mine. There will be a watch party at the Vista here in Norman at 8:45 pm and everyone is invited. I put a sticky about it in "Information Desk"
If you watch closely, you can hear my voice in the background during the throckmorton tornado. :p Very good documentary by the way, probably the tamest you'll ever see these guys.
From a website: Only available in Oklahoma for now....

April 26th, 2006

link to tornado glory movie trailer TORNADO GLORY TELEVISION PREMIERE

Tornado Glory will make its television premiere on Wednesday May 3rd in Oklahoma, with national PBS broadcasts beginning August 1st! The Tornado Glory DVD will soon be available for purchase.

Oklahoma viewers, be sure to watch the television premiere Wednesday May 3rd at 9pm on OETA!
probably the tamest you'll ever see these guys.[/b]
That's frightening. :eek:

This documentary has been played over and over again in the past year on the Cox Cable Ch. 4 in Norman (OU's Wire TV station), so, not truly the "Oklahoma premiere".