Alaska tornado video

Awesome video. I remember a photo of an Alaska tornado from Weatherwise Magazine about 20 years ago. I guess tornadoes are rare in that area.

Bill Hark
Looks like a weak tornado to me. Some people still believe that Alaska can not get tornadoes. This video shows otherwise
Perhaps a landspout or waterspout? Interesting video...
With the dynamics of those Gulf Of Alaska type systems, I would think it was a weak F0 tornado.
On the other hand, Supercell-type storms are rare in Alaska so it could have very well been a non-supercell storm hence this would have been more of a landspout. Pretty good one though to crack the lens of the camera!!

Awsome video! My take- Nonsupercell tornado that I would rate at the low end of F1 from what Ive seen and heard.
Was there other damage reported from the local area that was surveyed?