Active early June...

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
According to the GFS, this week should become very active, starting tomorrow, across the Central Plains, and continue throughout next week. There is not a SINGLE day that carries less than 3000J/KG of CAPE in KS during the next 10 days, and I could totally see us making up for the May in June this year. This has prompted me to start Vacation #2, which will go underway starting on SAT and continuing for about a week. What is everybody else's thoughts for the next week and thereon?
I like to hear that. I think we are getting into a weather pattern we should have seen in May (finally). I figured this might happen in early to mid June. I can't tell anyone why, I just have the feeling based on the patterns right now.

I'm probably in one of the lesser risk areas for the next week, but it's too far out to figure that out.

I don't have any weddings to go to (I had one 5/29 in Conway Springs and one in Wichita 6/12 last year), so we can't bank on that. :wink: