A.M. Weather

To keep the subject alive on one of the best morning weather shows in our history, I found this particular piece of work on the internet which brings alot of information on to the demise of a weather geeks' only reason to get up at 6:45 in the morning.


(Note the article was written in 1995 so any chance of revival of this program is in my opinion slight to nill with the internet's rapid growth and availability of pertinent information.)
I noticed in the past an aviation weather segment on the Discovery wings channel, but I don't know if it exists anymore since that persona has (I think) morphed into the Military channel.

Nothing like AM Weather, though.
If you all want to see an example of A.M. Weather from the 1980s, let me know. I'm assuming that it's not too hard to find, but if you're coming up dry I'll transcode a copy into WMV format, free for anyone to circulate.

I remember getting up early before school to catch A.M. Weather back in the early 90s. This was usually on days when snow or severe weather was expected.
Ahhh, AM Weather. I loved that show and I liked the winds graphics they had out. I remember them being pretty accurate and their weather maps look a lot better than the local TV station formats. In my area, it was shown on KETV channel 2.