A good book: "Air Apparent" by Mark Monmonier

(Did a search and did not find the author's name, so don't know if this has been mentioned here before - but it didn't look like it.)

Book Title: Air Apparent - How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, and Dramatize Weather

Author: Mark Monmonier

Amazon (hardcover):
Amazon (paperback):

There are a couple of reader reviews on the Amazon pages that describe the book. I'll just say that it's an interesting read and the history of science's understanding of weather seems to mirror the way a newbie comes to understand it - so it provides a nice introduction: taking you from the world of two-dimensional maps into the four-dimensional world of weather and forecasting. Highly recommended - especially for the $4-$5 USED book prices!

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE