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A few chase panos

From last weeks chase vacation. It was good to meet up with some of you guys in Childress :D

Amarillo cell Sat 11th


Kent Co supercell Sun 12th


and the Dickens Co. wall cloud


Chase report later. Till next year.
Nice - I love the pano concept and hope to pursue it more in the future!

Mark did you use a pano head or hand hold? What resolution focal length were the original pics and what software did you use?
All tripod mount with pistol grip manfrotto head. All 14mm focal length (28mm at 35mm equiv). Resolution 2560 x 1920 (314 dpi) each image and stitched with photovista panorama. Mixture of between 2 and 5 images per pano.

Excellent, Mark - - gorgeous shots! Here's my pano contribution this week ... also of Hamlin, Texas ... the coolest thing (I even jumped up and down when it happened, ask Darin Brunin) ... was that I lucked out and got a CG as I was panning ... I'm going to have to take Luminous Landscape's recommendation on these, though and start shooting them vertically instead of horizontally, as I think it helps the stitches in the end. Also want to try Photovista instead of Canon PS.

These were actually hand-held this time ... Still needs some finish work.