9/9/06 REPORTS: IL *rescued*

Apr 8, 2005
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Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:51 pm Post subject: 9/9/06 Reports: Illinois Ironically enough after several chase busts this year, my best experience comes on a day when were not even supposed to get storms right outside my new apartment...

Was in South East Urbana moving furniture to my new apartment around 6:00 PM. There was a small rain shower forming to the south east, I was heading south when i looked to my right and about choked.... A very nice cold air funnel was spinning down to the south. It was well formed and lasted almost ten minutes, with the base rotating well around it...

Esda confirmed multiple sightings of cold air funnels south of Champaign.

Pics and footage at this link: http://illinoischasers.com/rgardner/18/