9/20/05 NOW: RITA - Florida


Looks like Key West will be the hot spot in about 12 hours. I'm down here now and already shooting some pre storm footage and posted it to my site. This my just go 20 miles off shore. Other then a major system coming into the area, in Key West tonight is was perfect.
Back in Minneapolis to get more gear today for the Texas Part 2 of Rita. Rita in Key West was not too bad. It was a near miss but they will have most of the repairs done in a couple days at best.

The video from yesterday is up on my blog page.


The footage is at the bottom of the page.

Highlights of this chase was having my DVCam taken over by TWC for the day. Water got in the lens of the camera and I got a panic phone call saying we need your camera now, not you, just your camera. now, get over here ASAP. I had my VX2100 with too so I just used that for the rest of the day.