9/03/04 NOW: Hurricane Frances [Florida]

Dec 4, 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I thought I start a now thread, since Florida is starting to
get some of the feeder bands from Hurricane Frances.

First feeder bands had tropical storm force winds associated with it.

At 5:53PM, KAMX VAD is already indicating 50kt wind at 4k feet AGL.

From Miami Herald:

The first blow: an initial blast of wind and rain that knocked out power to 78,000 customers in Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Hollywood, Kendall and other areas, including some in Palm Beach County, according to Florida Power & Light.

That was from just the first spiral band!
From the Hurricane Watch Net on 14.325MHz.

at 2215Z 9/3/04

A station in the Bahamas reported winds 062* 100MPH G125MPH Bar986F

A station in Hopetown Abacos reported winds ESE 70MPH G88MPH Bar987S with boats breaking their moorings and dunes breaching.
I just finally got cable (and hence, internet) back from after Charley around 18:30... It's been pretty interesting here today. I have never seen 24 hours of local coverage on every major network (at least the ones I could get with rabbit ears), let alone more than 24 hours before landfall. We just had a spritz of rain come through on a breeze, but that's about all I've seen at this point. Pressure at my place is currently 28.89 inches and steady, so we're really not under any main influence yet. The dry air that's wrapped in from over Florida really killed the left side of this storm.
Freeport, Bahamas is just starting to feel the effects of the back half of the eyewall. Talk about a long lull.
Despite the dry air, the western quadrants are looking a lot better than they did yesterday, so this thing is getting its act together. Winds are constantly 20-30mph at my position currently. I've got pressure at 29.75 inches and falling. Since the storm itself is not really moving relative to my position at this time, I'd guess that the drop in pressure may reflect strengthening also.

We've still got power and cable, but outtages are starting to pop up near here. D'oh.
Hey John. Hope things are well since May 12. Remember Dan Hawblitzel and Rich Otto from that day, they're down with a few others just south of Vero Beach (Fort Pierce maybe?), and they were reporting winds gusting over 55mph many hours ago. Haven't heard from them in a while. The eye is still well offshore. What a long ride this thing is going to be.

Hope you keep power for as long as possible, hard to believe you just got it back from Charlie. I hope the cable company doesn't charge you for a full month's use. :?
Some amazing video coming in from FOX news. I am amazed at how many people HAVENT taken shelter and are actually out in this mess. News crews are doing pretty good. I still question some of Geraldos techniques standing next to the water leaning into the wind with electrical wires comign out of him. I can see him getting blown into the water and electrocuted.
Everyone stay safe out hunting as im sure your being more cautious than the some of the news reporters. Altho it seems the women reporters are a bit more on the safe side it seems lol.
If it wasn't directly affecting my home, I'd probably be more interested in meeting Frances at the beach. I would be really interested to hear what kind of dealings people are having with the police. Their coverage and expectations are a lot more stringent than in the area of a tornado. Most beach counties have curfews that kicked in as early as noon, and local news agencies are all reporting that you'll be arrested if you don't have a good reason for being out after curfew.

Even in Orlando, police radios are all chatter about pulling over any car that's on the road.
Miami's local ABC reporter was injured by flying construction materials while reporting from the Bahama's.
I saw one woman anchor was hit by styrofoam and now has a broken rib.
I believe thats the same reporter I was speaking of. I wasn't sure what hit her but they said she had a broken rib.

Damage reports are starting to come in from the West Palm Beach ABC live feed. Apparently in Jupiter (?) the roof has blown off the police station.
Eye wall size

Just watched archive footage of Charley on its approach for comparison sake. Quite a bit smaller (1/3 to 1/4) than what they are showing live off West Palm. This is being shown on the local Comcast channel 25 - NBC Power Doopler Ch. 25 out of Ft Myers.

As for here in North Naples, some rain bands have come through as early as 9am this morning. With it were some wind gusts but otherwise fairly quiet here in SW Fla - this will change soon I'm sure.

[First time post]
Several times now I've heard media personnel chide (on live TV) other people who are out and about in the storm. Usually the comment is how ignorant or moronic that person is, or something to that effect. Yet there they are reporting from out in the storm. Something just doesn't jive here. I don't want to start a debate on who should be there and who shouldn't, but the 'holier than thou' attitude just irks me.

On another note, the CDO does seem to be doughnutting out. NHC says that winds haven't increased yet though despite the apparent organization. From a chase standpoint, daylight is starting to become a commodity. Any chaser's hopes of seeing blue sky in the eye may be dwindling by the hour. It's going to be a long night out there.