802.11 / cell phone bridge

Just thought I'd post about the latest toy I'm setting up for the first CoD chase of the year (later this month).

It's a Kyocera KR1 router/bridge do-hicky.

You basically slap a pcmcia cellular/EVDO data card in the back and you have 4 LAN ports and an 802.11b/g bridge so folks can share your cellular internet.

What makes this more interesting to chasers is the fact that a guy has built a replacement image for the device that allows you to connect a GPS to the unit and then everyone in the car/area can share the GPS over TCP/IP using gpsd. *and* the guy has put a webserver on it so you can hit a specific port and it will bring up a google map of your location.

This could be really cool for chase tour companies or folks that chase with friends and you want to share a GPS/internet connection.

I plan on installing it in the back of my car, along with my cellular amp and GPS. And then use my laptop via 802.11 to get data. Now no more wires all over the front of the car connecting all sorts of USB and serial ports. The device auto-connects and stays connected to the EVDO network so you don't have to keep connecting/disconnecting the software on your laptop.

I'll post pictures as soon as I get it installed.

Here's the product website:

"hacking" the device information can be found here:

Matt Kassawara and I built something like that for our chase convoy we used a miniITX board pcmcia to pci adaptor and Debian linux... prolby have $80 in it or so.. If anyone wants details drop me and e-mail..

We are using a Novatel Merlin C201 card with Sprint PCS service hacked for use with an external antenna.