8/29-30/04 REPORTS: Gaston (Atlantic)

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Richmond was hit with heavy rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Gaston. There was a bulleye of 11 inch rainfall (Dopller Indicated) over Richmond. By evening, multiple roads were closed including parts of I-95 and 64. Many areas are without power. According to news reports, patrons of Bottoms Up Pizza had to flee to the second floor and they watched their cars float away in 10 to 12 feet of rushing water. The bar district was extensively flooded. One station showed video of apartment dwellers being rescued through holes in the roof as the first floor was covered in water. My video is not as dramatic. Below are a couple of stills.

Flooding across Grove Avenue. (I had already tried to return home via Monument Ave and it was blocked by water.) The car next to the red car is stalled and the occupant trapped. This is a similar still from my video that The Weather Channel used.


Looking down on I-195 from Patterson Avenue. The southbound side is blocked from flooding and a couple of people are stranded in stalled cars.


I would like to know who got that tornado video from James City County in Virginia shown on the Weather Channel.

Gotta go to bed. The water dripping through four of my windows has finally stopped and I can quit changing the towels :(

Info on flooding from the Richmond Times Dispatch

Did any other east coast chaser chase Gaston? Post your reports here.

(watching Francis)

William T. Hark Photography
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