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Apr 8, 2005
Winnipeg, MB
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Scott Olson

Location: Brookings, South Dakota
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:07 pm

Incredible chase day, to say the least. During the day the cloud cover had burnt off from west to east. Convection had begun forming on the cold front with to much CINH and only weak moisture convergence along the WF in Eastern SD. I quickly headed out west and came up on the tornadic supercell on the entrance to highway 14 (15 NW of Huron). Tornadoes 2-5 are near Wessington.

Tornado 1: A tall fully extended tube was already visible. This was witnessed for about 2-3 minutes before it became rain-wrapped. I pushed on east, to about 3 mi west of Wessington. Here it re-emerged and was visible for several more minutes, then quickly dissipated.

Tornado 2: Formed to the right within a minute. Brief

Tornado 3: Beleive this one lasted a couple minutes with a good ground circulation.

Tornado 4: I believe this was a tube then a cone. I think this was the tornado that went through the S part of Wessington. This tornado was about 1 mile away at closest and appeared to have a very intense circulation.

Tornado 5: Lasted a couple minutes, good amount of debris.

Tornado 6: Believe this started as a tube, strong ground circulation. This tornado steadly grew into a large cone (1/4 mile). As I neared Wosley the dirt/debris grew very large, to the point where it appeared to be a large wedge. Not really sure if the tornado actually expanded or if this was from the intense winds or debris/dirt falling around the tornado. In Wosley I witnessed I saw a firefighter in the road screaming "It was a mile away, last chance!". It was really close and getting larger at this point and at the worst moment the south of town had a train go through. I went QUICKLY west towards the tornado in order to safely get across the next road before the train blocked all traffic. I truly hope no one got stuck south of the shelter. As I got south of Wolsey the tornado was about 1 mile away.
Continued south until I got to turn east on highway 14. The tornado still appeared huge and strong in fact I think this is when it got it's biggest somewhere near the time it hit Wolsey. It intermittently went from a large 1/4 tube to nearly a mile of dirt and debris.

I decided to go into Huron and head south, in order to stay in a good chase position (it was heading SE at the time). As I was Huron I could see the cone re-emerge 2-3miles to my west. I headed south from Huron for several miles. This is when a beautifully stretched rope tornado moved across the highway (about 2-4 mi S of Huron). Im pretty sure this was from the wedge. It was dissipating as it moved over the highway and thinned and stretched considerably. This tornado lasted nearly 30-40 minutes.

Tornado 7: I continued east on dirt roads trying to keep up with the cell. I had fallen behind a couple miles and needed to get back up ahead. About 20-30 minutes from the previous tornado, I observed a new tornado a nice sunlit white rope tornado that formed about 10 ESE of Huron. Im not sure if this tornado was already there or had just formed, but it lasted about 3-4 minutes. I think this was during the time of the Carvour tornado and this tornado seemed to form in the anticyclonic vorticity region & I thought the next radar update showed a little anticyclonic flare on the hook. Not positive though but I will confirm this later.

It was an incredible day, certainly the most powerful supercell I have witnessed. The sheer strength and definition of the inflow bands were impressive. The RFD was intense throwing up dirt towards the clouds all around the area.

Josh Richardson

Location: Mason City IA
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:29 pm

Decided to change the target area after getting to Blue Earth and headed for Mankato while heading there my chase partner(Jayson Prentice) and I decided to move a little further west towards some CU building near Madelia south of the New Ulm area. After getting gas the towers shot up extremely fast and within about ten minutes it went TOR warned and had a very nice meso on it. We shot up to HWY 68 west of Judson where we could see a great looking wall cloud rotating and moving NE across the river there as we continued west towards we got a glimpse of the tornado touchdown across the river near Nicolette and then rope out again after dealing with more trees due to the river valley we again seen the tornado in a stovepipe form and looking rather large near Nicolette at this point we then had to head north towards it across the river and lost sight again due to all the trees. After getting to Nicolette we witnessed plenty of downed power lines and structural damage especially on the north east side of town and outside of town to the east. While trying to maneuver a horrible road network and damage and police all over the place we continued to stay behind the tornado which appeared to be rain wrapped at this time continously running across more damage. Meso still looked great from behind the entire way to St. Peter but were unsure if tornado was on the ground the entire time as it seemed to be lifting and dropping quite frequently. In St. Peter we cam across more structural damage and downed power lines in the road on the SE side of town. We had to have only still been a couple of minutes behind it at that point as there were no cops there yet and everyone had to drive around the power poles and over the lines. After that we ran into more and more bad road networks and zig-zagged SE for a long while and didnt really get any more great structure. All in all though I think I covered everything but Im sure Jayson can note something if I forgot. At least now Im not shutout for the year!! Will try to get vid stills up on here this weekend although never had a chance to pullover to get anything good as we were constantly on the move to find a better road system or to avoid power lines and other debris. So Im not sure how well the contrast was on the stovepipe vid grab will have to check it out later.

Location: Madison, SD
Posted:Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:58 pm

Beadle and Kingsbury County, SD
I booked it all the way back from Minnesota with my chase partner Kory Hartman. We made it to Cavour (East of Mitchell 10 miles on HWY 14), and saw the large rope tornado south of Huron. I was south of Cavour about 7 Miles on 409th Ave. We stopped to videotape the large wedge tornado that went through the south side of Cavour. Homes damaged and a couple people taken to the hospital according to Minor County Sheriff reports. It became rain wrapped and we lost visual. Later, another rope tornado formed (or could have been same wedge tornado) between Cavour and Iroqouis. There is some damage and it looks like our CBS affiliate Kelo TV will be covering it tomorrow. We met up with the storm team from Keloland TV and followed the wall cloud with heavy rotation all the way to Carthage. Had a chance to meet Famous Chaser Roger Hill tonight, he was right behind us in Beadle County for a while.

As I said before, start in Kingsbury county and go from there. I made the mistake of going to Minnesota on a heading towards New Ulm, but decided to turn around at 6 PM and made it back to Huron just in time to see 3 different tornadoes tonight. Very unreal experience, but very sobering and sad when I saw the wedge go through Cavour. I hope everyone is fine and there is not much damage. Tomorrow will tell the whole story.

I will have some video edited up in the next few days. If you are interested, please email me.

Goodnight everyone.
Ashley Kenneth Allen

Melanie Metz

Location: Minnesota
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:45 pm

What a day in MN! Peggy and I arrived at our target right on time. We are sad to see the damage done but luckily we were able to report live on-air from the field to help warn those in the surrounding area.

VIDEO CLIP (wmv file ~12M:



Mel & Peggy & Brad & Bill & Cullen
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Bill Doms
Location: Central Minnesota
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 1:27 am


Congrats to all who scored today...damn, 'bout time we finally had a good torn day.

Dead tired..shouldn't be as worked until 10:30 this morning and made it to the target with an hour to spare before the first torn touched down about three miles away just to the south east of New Ulm MN approx 5:15. New torn formed to the north and hit Nicollet MN pretty hard. Nice multi vortex (we counted 6 at one point) morphed into a decent wedge-ish torn before going rain-wrapped on us. I'll try to get some higher res pics done over the weekend and some video of the power flashes.

For those of you who remember the 7-14-03 event up here, this one followed almost the same track.

Unfortunately there was a fatal with the second one tonight.
Bill Doms
Where in the hail is Crow Agency, MT?

Aaron Kennedy

Location: Grand Forks, ND
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:38 am

Dead tired is right. Myself and 4 other grad students from UND intercepted the prolific tornado producing supercell in central SD. The storm went absolutely bonkers between Miller,SD and De Smet, SD dropping numerous tubes of different shapes. We counted 3 main circulations producing tornadoes. One near Miller (which had a tornado on/off ground for ~20min, one nice snaky rope near Virgil, and the big wedge by Cavour/Huron which then morphed into a tall stovepipe->rope. We may of also of captured the first tornado in Hyde county early on from long range... I'll have to look at our photos and see if it matches up with the torando report time.

Aaron Kennedy
Graduate Student, U. of North Dakota
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Joined: 25 Aug 2006
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Location: Mankato, MN
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 6:06 am

Was on the Nicollet/St. Peter storm... Saw towers going up rapidly around 4:45 PM near New Ulm, soon after that we had quite a storm going. I followed the tornado as it made the jog from Nicollet to St. Peter. At times it was Multi-Vortex like Bill said...it was something to see. The 24th is also my birthday...It doesn't get any better. From about Nicollet to Cleveland,MN farms and homes were damaged pretty bad.





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Edward Ballou
Location: Brookings, SD
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 7:51 am

Congrats to all that scored - I sadly did not. We teamed up with Eric Whitehill and opted to go after things in MN and were too late. Full report and pictures at http://www.carpetempestas.com



Seize the Storm ~ http://carpetempestas.com

Jonathan Merage

Joined: 01 Jan 2004
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Location: Denver, CO
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 12:27 pm
Yesterday was an AMAZING chase day. Intercepted the monster cyclic tornadic supercell at Wessington after driving about 1,000 mi. from Denver (non-stop) over to southeast SD. Definitely worth it!! Myself, Roger Hill, & a couple other friends intercepted the large violent wedge at Wessington (just west of Huron) and about six other tubes along H14. We sighted the first touchdown just outside Wosley at 6:10 & continued tracking the supercell on a southeasterly jog as it dropped one tornado after another, until it dropped the big one near Wessington at 6:45. The dynamics on this storm were absolutely incredible. The updraft kept inhaling huge amounts of scud, due to the near-saturated atmosphere (T/Td 83/72). Roger said it reminded him of the Manchester/Woonsocket F4 in June 2003. The structure on the supercell was gorgeous, spiral marking straight up the updraft tower, classic RFB, lowered base, & one of the most impressive vaults we have EVER seen. I posted a bunch of GR3 screengrabs & some data from the event for anyone interested. The ThreatNet screenshot of our position right at the base of the hook really puts it in perspective!

Kept following the supercell on its western flank, thinking the tornado had dissipated. In fact, the core was just rain-wrapped and a tornado was still raging inside (Baron had spinning SCIT markers at 115mph sustained. We made a cautious approach & couldn’t see the twister until the precip cleared a bit, at which point we spotted the tornado & watched its rope-out right up to the very end!!

I’ll have a few clips & ton of pictures posted by this weekend.

Also, Baron showed the strongest spinning shear marker at 136mph at the time the wedge was on the ground.
"The destructive force of this storm exceeds in its power, fierceness, and grandeur all other phenomena of the atmosphere"
John P. Finley, 1887

Roger Hill
Joined: 16 Dec 2005
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Location: Bennett, CO
Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 10:59 pm

I am not going to repost what others have said about the South Dakota beast. It was the prettiest supercell I have seen in South Dakota since the June 23, 2002 Brown County cyclic tornadic supercell. The wedge on Aug 24 resembled the Manchester, SD wedge from June 24, 2003 that I saw from the south side.

PLEASE check out my account, photos and LARGE FILE video at:


Roger Hill
Roger Hill
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Simon Brewer

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Location: Norman
Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 3:43 am

Mark McGowen and I intercepted the New Ulm/Nicollet/Kasota Tornadic Supercell, while it was still an exploding convective tower and not yet a storm. In all my years of chasing I've never seen a storm develop from a junky, cap-supressed, boundary-layer cumulus cloud to a full-blown supercell with a tornado on the ground in such a short period of time! I got maybe 5 seconds of video of the first tornado, because I was caught off guard by the rapid development of the storm. I was initially east of the Nicollet tornado, but moved north of the tornado as it passed through Nicollet. I then followed it from behind (the west-northwest) for the remainder of the storms life.
Check out the link below:




Touchdown, Stormgasm!

Greg Stumpf

Joined: 29 Apr 2004
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Location: Norman, OK
Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 7:39 am

Rocky Rascovich requested that I post this for him, as he can't seem to log into ST attm.

Rocky wrote: Gene Rhoden and I started out at 1930cdt on Wed. evening... We drove all night, something I haven't done in years... Gene and I arrived in Sioux Falls around 0730... not a bad stretch in 12 hours. I became a little concerned that my fears of convective contamination would become realized as some elevated storms between Mitchell and the Sioux area was occuring around sunrise... this decreased and moved east as the morning broke. During the midmorning hours, lots of accus formations were present... some of which precipitated and rained just enough to wet things down around 10:30ish or so in Sioux Falls... We spent several hours waiting for things to percolate, we visited the falls and went back and forth a couple of times getting data at the Flying J.

Finally, we left east bound on I-90 as the warm front was firming up, temp. gradient was aprox. 10-12deg.on either side of the front, ranging from upper 70's north of Hwy 14 in MN. to near 90F along the IA. border with moderate south winds... dews were oppressive... averaging mid 70's.

Gene and I broke thru the boundary at aprox. 1530cdt just north of Garvin on Hwy 14 . As would one expect, winds became majorly backed along and just north of the boundary... on the surface charts, you could see a weak cyclonic circulation between the Sioux Falls where winds were about 240deg. at 10-12kts, west of Brookings you could see they were NW, then over to Montevideo where winds were about 70deg. at 5-10kts, then south along I-90 in Worthington.. winds were south at under 10kts... surface flow did increase based on the ob's further away from the boundary to the south. I know the main surface low was well out to the west in SD... so was this a mesolow or what??... Anyway, we preceded north toward Hwy 14 where the boundary was.

Here's where we screwed up, we thought that convection would start firing to our west.as the vortmax approached.. you could see congestus occasionally forming but overall was a broken ceiling of stratus and cumulus but the CINH was eroding fast everywhere, as the vortmax approached, visibility improved and congestus was widespread as we came into Redwood Falls around the 1600 time frame. we got a phone call from Andy Revering saying that the MN WXCHASE group was running full bore toward New Ulm... at the same time, I was getting input from Dave Ewoldt who was hoping we would have jumped on the cells out in SD... Rory Groves also called in, so we were getting all this info and trying to come to a consensus in where to head... we opted to hang back a few more minutes in Redwood Falls, we tried to use the internet at the library but it was unavailable. We were sitting in a Walmart parking lot, watching an area of congestus to the southeast, getting an update from Andy, literally within the span of that phone call, (3 or 4min.) the congestus went from tops of 10-12K to 35K ft. tops... this had to be some of the most explosive development I've seen in many a year... then literally a few minutes later, Simon Brewer called back and said they were watching a strongly rotating wall cloud... from congestus to a supercell wielding a wall cloud in less trhan 20 min.... incredible!! Also what was amazing, all the rest of the congestus cleared out in all quads from Redwood Falls, just the exploding supercell over New Ulm with that intense cailiflower convection all over it!

We frantically tried to get from Redwood Falls to New Ulm, dealing with twists and turns, trees, slow vehicles and on to city streets of New Ulm and then Mankato... and hearing reports of numerous tornadoes along with one allegedly a mile wide. We were just behind the storm by 10-15mi., the air was murky enough that visibility was reduced so you could'nt see much cloud features. Finally... we reached the Madison Lake and Elysian area at around 1915cdt (est. time) We missed the tornadoes by about 20min. but we managed to get underneath a flanking line with a strong meso and an accompanying dryslot, rotation was evident but not noteworthy, at this point. we were on hwy 60 between Madison Lake and Elysian, skies were very ominous, very dark, but with Gene directing the way... and knowing he has considerable more experience then I... I felt safe. Winds never became a problem, probably nomore than 35mph at most Even though it was a spectacular looking storm, it was in the process of gusting out..there were a few attempts of spinups at the cloud base but it was done for...

Rather disgusted, and exhausted.. we headed south on I-35 where the storm became OFD...lightning laced dense rain cores slowed us down some on the way to Owatonna by 2030 where over a hundred people were seeking shelter at a McDonalds at Medford. After being up for close to 40 hours... Gene and I stayed the night at Owatonna... and managed to sleep thru most of a a ferocious storm that passed thru just after midnight.

Lessons learned from this trip... I knew I would be flying blind on this trip..I had no data... my outlets were not working in my Honda, infact all three of my vehicles have issues with my lighters so I could'nt hook up anything... my Cingular card was deactivated anyway...I left my noaa wx radio at home, I had to buy a another one which was useless; possibly defective... so I was blinder than usual. Gene Rhoden graciously put up with the situation and we made the best of it.

I will longer do a long distance chase without data again, period... even if its off season and I need to activate my card just for that time... a GPS which came in very handy last year was inoperable so ... no GPS, then a "Mapco" map... which was not very accurate... we ran into dead ends twice that should not have happened. So overall... 1800 mile trip, in 50 hours...and no tornadoes to show for it, I did'nt even shoot video at all... too much in a rush to grab the camera.

Despite the vain attempt... a big time HUGE thanks to the MN WXCHASE crew, Andy Revering for graciously thinking of me and giving updates... Rory Groves for updates. Also back here in Okla. Bobby Prentice was very helpful as was Dave Ewoldt...all these folks gave exceptional nowcasting and it was very appreciated.

Next year, a laptop, gps, ...and Swift Software that Rory Groves has put together! Nomore wandering in the dark ages for me.

Time for some ZZzzzz's!

Greg Stumpf

Any of my posts made in public forums express my opinion, and not necessarily the opinions of NOAA, NWS, NSSL, or my employer.
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Dean L. Cosgrove
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Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:04 pm

Wow what an incredible day. This is why most of us keep chasing as much as possible even in a year like 2006. You never know when Mother Nature has a day like this planned.

It is hard to put into words the feelings I experience when the combination of forecasting and luck allow me to be in the right spot to see the birth of a tornado . The feeling takes me to a place --a oneness with nature --where time seems to almost stand still or at least the awareness of time passing fades away as the event unfolds .

I mention this to bring up a point about those of us who also chased this date and for whatever reason did not have a successful chase . My passion for chasing is so intense that there are highs and lows expereinced when I either bust or have a great chase day on major event such as this .

Everyone who chases on a regular basis will experience this range of emotion--in their own way of course-- about missing or "scoring" on a major event chase day. Whatever the reason was for missing the storm , try not to let it get you down for too long . Many times it was probably a series of things totally out of your control anyway such as car problems or road DEstruction for example . After a couple of days of breaking things (just kidding) it's time to move on and start anticipating the next event Mother Nature has waiting for you to be a part of. It also helps me to get over a bust chase by keeping a sense of humor . By the way, do not ever say the word "Brady" around me . I'm sure to get over missing that tornado in my own backyard very soon.

Below are 5 of the pics from a new Aug 24 page I uploaded today

To check out all 17 pics from Aug 24 chase click on the following link







Dean Cosgrove
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Aaron Kennedy

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Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:31 pm

Here's a full report:


Only pictures and maps:


These panos sum the day up:



Amazing how one chase can make the year worth it... and combined with the El Reno, OK day, it has been a good year if you neglect my total number of chases. *shrug*

Aaron Kennedy
Graduate Student, U. of North Dakota
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Melanie Metz

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Location: MinnesotaPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:20 am

Peggy and I have a 4 minute video of the 8-24-06 Nicollet county tornado available for viewing at the link below (see end of message). The video is a wmv file and ~12 MB.

This was an incredible chase but very emotional. To watch such a large tornado head straight for populated areas was quite heart wrenching. At least we were able to help by reporting exacty where and what the tornado was doing live on the radio. It was strange to be the one telling those listening to get into the basement or interior room immediately.

It was very strange instructing listeners to not attempt to outrun the tornado if they were in a car in the path of the tornado, but to GET OUT of their vehicle and lie in the ditch.......while we were watching the tornado grow into a wedge immediately behind us as we stepped on the gas! I had no desire to leave the vehicle. Do as we say, not as we do!!

Most frustrating part of the chase: Grabbing the video camera from the tripod, jumping in the truck to get out of the path of the approaching wedge and THEN realizing the camera had been on standby for the past 5 minutes or so! I thought that only happened in my dreams. And least I took some still photos during that stage of the tornado.


Melanie & Peggy
Melanie Metz
The TwisterSisters
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Scott Olson
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Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 11:05 am

Pictures from 8-24:

Rapidly strengthning Wolsey tornado. It formed about three minutes earlier, during the first minute it was doubling in size every 10-15 seconds, ridiclouis.


I am nearing the town of Wolsey, these are the last pictures before re-emerging to the tornado within 1 mile.

Now a couple miles SE the tornado

Re-postioned I catch it's final stages as a long stretched rope south of Huron.


There's LOTS more at :

Mike Hollingshead
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osted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 8:59 pm


Just a lovely bust account. Congrats to everyone catching the awesome storms this day.
Mike Hollingshead

Jayson Prentice

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Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 10:14 pm

I got my write-up done for my report as well finally, sorry no images quite yet. Still waiting for video to arrive by email from my partner, hopefully it wil be up by the end of the week.

Jayson Prentice -- Iowa State University Meteorology '09 -- KCOTQO

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Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 12:17

I was lucky to be able to make the trip north for this chase opportunity as well... I was getting to the point where I couldn't even remember what a supercell looked like, let alone a tornado! Really neat to see everyone else's perspectives, especially since I missed all the action west of Huron. Still, this was probably my best day out in the past 2 years.

I'll keep adding to this page in the future with some radar/satellite images and maybe some met analysis. http://www.tornadohead.com/082406chase.htm