7/26/06 NOW: IL


Interesting storm on some sort of boundary just east of Springfield... Picked up some strong rotation (surprising for weak winds in the atmosphere there, but there is some directional shear) that developed in just two scans, spotters reported funnel, that moved north/northwest(!) and weakened and a new rotation (not as significant) developed in its place just west of Bement. NWS says this is all moving due east, but that's not possible.

Anways the outflow has helped to enhance storm along I-57 north of I-74 with 50-60kt outbounds showing up on leading edge, and what appears to be another rotation developing there too!
There are several tornado warnings out for the IL storms now. A pretty good cell near Champaign moving NE has a fresh warning out ahead of it. SPC has pointed out that a few supercells and tornadoes are possible in a recent MD. It will be interesting to see what happens. It looks like Chicago is out of the woods however.
The HP supercell that tracked from East central Illinois to West Central Indiana** had reports of a tornado near Hoopeston and a friend of mine observed a rain wrapped wall cloud moving north at 40knots. Neat storm... Hopefully this is a nocturnal thing, would be neat! Great lightning out of the now dying supercellular storm.