Southeast OHIO report.

Seemed like what happened today is what they predicted for yesterday. Big ole line of storms rolling south and East. Noticed the Mesoscale Discussion for Northern OH and then the post on the forums here that mentioned the storm in Toledo was going derecho and heading South. I was not planning on chasing and actually in the 90 degree heat I was not planning on moving at a ll.

Checked the radar and a nice although somewhat loose bow was heading south. A ragged bow shaped line from Columbus to Zanesville OH. A really nice cell had formed in front of the line and was right in my back yard so I grabbed my camera. and jumped in the car.

The target was about 20 miles West in the athens, hocking, vinton county lines. The radar image seemed to imply some rotation although I did not have time to view a loop. Local radio aired the warnings for a storm further east and I almost abandoned my target and headed NE. I found a ridge that almost had decent visibility and paused to get a view of the cell I was about to abandon when the NWS tornado warned the cell I was on, mentioning weak rotation.

I headed East to try and get under this storm. I did succeed in getting under it. Ridiculous travel through tree lined country roads in some of the most hilly regions of OH. A local country pizza joint was right in the warned pathway and the folks are friendly so I thought I could get some data when I got there. I arrived and the power was out and the locals in trailers and otherwhise concerned had converged on the brick building for socialization and safety. I let them know of the warning but also that it had not been repeated and I assume that no tornado had developed.

The storm was crossing the line between areas controlled by WIlmington OH NWS and CHarleston WV NWS. I wondered if that was cause for concern. Do local offices collaborate tightly when the rotating storm crosses into the neighbors turf.

Regardless, one county west of where I was was briefly warned, a tornado was reported but I am doubtful and it did not make the storm reports site. Each of the cells coming through the area had "weak rotation" . Nasty storms to be sure, lots of trees down and power outages.

I was reminded of how impossible to chase in these hilly forested places. Plenty of danger with falling limbs vs the plains whrere you get blowing dust instead.

I was pretty close to the core of the action on the one cell and I was glad to be near a sturdy structure. While the other folks stayed out of the weather I got a good drenching so I could keep a view to the North and make sure that we were not in the path of a tornado.

Nothing else really to report, small hail, serious wind, nice storm. No funnel, no wall cloud.

Same storms caused warnings and mayhem on down to WV. I wonder if they got a real tornado down there ?

tom hanlon
What I witnessed today in IOWA:

1. Shelf cloud, Black Hawk County Iowa

2. Winds gusting to at least 47 mph, Black Hawk County, Iowa

3. Very heavy rain, Black Hawk County, Iowa

4. Intense CG and CC lightning, Black Hawk County, Iowa

Yesterday and tonight helped to greatly reduce my SDS and was especially nice since all the storms were in my own "back yard", literally, LOL... :D
A few pics of a severe cell that moved just north of Chicago around 7:30 tonight. My home weather station recorded a 48mph wind gust, but gusts up to 60mph were reported.

View of cell from the front yard:

Lazy man's stitch of shelf cloud:

Lightning over Lake Michigan:




A nice local chase.
A little outside the geographic label for this thread, but not enough to warrant its own thread.


Some items of note from today:
- Two confirmed deaths in West Virginia have been reported directly related to high winds, including a tree limb falling on a Charleston man.
- Solid simultaneous SVR warnings over half of the state of West Virginia at one point for bow echo moving SE.
- Single tornado report for the day, which in WV is unusual enough - but the fact that it was in the *town* of 'Tornado' should make some 'offbeat news' headlines if it turns out to be true.

I did my own preliminary damage survey tonight with comments here:
I appologize that I am not good with the technical weather/storm terminology, but I have some pretty cool pictures of the storm in far eastern NE and western IA from tonight, we were seeing TONS of rotation all over but it didn't seem to centralize it self anywhere, still relaly cool to see!

These pictures were taken about 5 miles east of Trainer, IA