6/9/06 DISC: SD/IA/NE

This is a blatant violation of the "Chase Reports" rules (because this is not a chase report), but here I go anyway:

I want everyone to know the effort that went into Verne and Michael's chase seen reported above.

I might not have taken notice had I not driven through there myself today, but, wherever they started from, those guys must have driven HUNDREDS of miles to get to that spot. That in itself is certainly not remarkable, except for the other considerations.

1) They KNEW that the storm motion was east.
2) That road has no....zero...zilch...east-west options for dozens of miles from where the storm crossed it. Period.

They knew that upon intercepting the storm, after hundreds of miles of driving, they would be able to see it for a few minutes, and then the day would be over. On top of all that, the parameters for getting what they got were.....*questionable*. Anyone whose interest is piqued, get out your road atlas and look at where they were: Hwy 61 in Cherry county NE at the Snake river, NNW of North Platte.

I could not let this go unmentioned without this "Atta-boy, you guys! Way to go!!"

Are you that committed and determined, or just desperate and dumb? Heehee.


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I absolutely agree. Congrats, guys! Been there. Chased there. Absolutely no road options. Cherry County, NE - one of the largest counties w/ the fewest roads per sqr mile in tornado alley - IMO. But you gotta love sandhill country.