6/30/05 Reports: Great Lakes

May 8, 2005
Brighton, MI
No great report here just wanted to get up out of the ARMCHAIR and do something. Also wanted to try posting.

After line went through around noon in Lower Michigan it heated back up and actual cold front had not passed.

Went south to Dundee Mich to intercept the cell which fired late afternoon west of Jackson. This cell looked good as evidenced by TALK thread.

Here is cell looking west from Cabela's lot. A very large distinct cell for Michigan. Wanted to get to south side of it before heading west.

We caught up with these remnants by Britton although it looks like cell had died and split by this time.

After we fooled around getting some pheasant shots (nice rooster) and trying some lightning stuff and also debating heading for Ohio since things looked hotter over there (NO) and then trying to find some ice cream - we spent some money in Cabelas and then headed north again.

This is the cell which headed into Ann Arbor at dark and died. From SE of AA about 25 miles I think.

Overall I found this area good to chase in as there were regular grid roads, minimal traffic (once off of highway), mostly crops with few forest, and pretty level ground which all made visibility very good for Michigan.

In the future I will try a little higher res on posted shots and perhaps to initially position a little further west when things heat up from that way.

Now back to the Armchair!