6/22/06 DISC: CO

Wish i had had the foresight to be up north early today--might have been able to get up and back in time for work this afternoon. The local media has been broadcasting impressive video of the large tornado near Black Forest earlier this afternoon--hope some stormtrack chasers were lucky to be on this one!
Apparently it was on the ground about 7 min or so.
Oh yea, just walked in the door! Saw a fairly large tornado east of black forest today. Unfortunately, I did not get any video of it because I was hauling the mail north towards Kiowa off US 24. Tornado/meso dissipated within a few minutes. After that, I hauled bacon back to US 24 and flew out to Limon and south to Lamar hearing reports of short lived tornadoes near Punkin Center but arrived about 10 minutes to late. After that, the linear blob was heading east southeast too fast to catch up and I called it quits. YES!!!!!!!!!!! I indeed saw the first tornado I have ever seen in my life today east of Black Forest. Man I wish I could have got it on vid but it was too brief and I was too far away, but I would sign an affidavit that I saw a cone tornado over the Palmer Divide.

Tornado over Elbert

:rolleyes: It was difficult to pay much attention to the report after the reporter mentioned how the green tint to the sky could signal that a tornado was going to touch down. I'm not sure I'd agree w/ the on-air met about the tornado being a "big one" either... Sure, it wasn't a rope, but I wouldn't call it a "big" tornado.

This is obviously not a commentary on those who chased today though (more about that news story)! I'm quite jealous, seeing how CO has seen tornadic action the past couple of days. Heck, I'd take a mini tornado any day now. Congrats to those who caught it (them)!

*Daydreaming about the time when tornadic supercells roamed Oklahoma...* Again, congrats to Andrew on his first tornado! :)
OK yea. :rolleyes: The commentary was about as green horn as I am to storm chasing, but I saw it :) And I am stoked as all get out.

"edit" thanks for the kind words Jeff :). I have the image incinerated in my mind forever. I am HOOKED!!