6/15/04 REPORTS: CO, NE, KS

The DCVZ lit up and I finally broke my curse, even with a 5pm deadline in Denver, I was still able to sneak away long enough to watch a pair of the many landspouts out east this afternoon to finally break my DCVZ Tornado-Less curse.

I started the day in Watkins where I was called back to Denver. When I got back into town, tornado warnings went up, so with 3 hours before my deadline, I successfully fought traffic and headed to the far east side of town. I observed on landspout while en-route to my destination and video'd the other in poor constrast from E-470 and Quincy.


That brings my tornado count for the year to 28! :shock: What an incredible season.. and FINALLY; a DCVZ tornado/landspout! :) 8) :lol: :eek: :)

Verne, did you get your landspouts and make it back to Coors Field in time? 8) Hope the Rockies scored as well as we did!
Hey, there were some nice storms in South Dakota yesterday. Here's a couple of miages from the one I was on that passed through the Brookings area before sunset. Didn't catch any naders, but saw some beautiful storm structure.

I also got to stop in O'Neill, NE on the way to pay my speeding ticket from last month. :)

[Broken External Image]:http://webpages.charter.net/mikedeason/061504/2004_0615_203353AA.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://webpages.charter.net/mikedeason/061504/2004_0615_205700AA.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://webpages.charter.net/mikedeason/061504/2004_0615_211353AA.jpg



You didn't miss me, you passed me twice and I waved to you. I was the "hefty" guy in the grey t-shirt with the blue Saturn. :)

Nice storm, just wish I could have gotten a little further back, but as you know daylight was waning. Once I saw it became outflow dominant, I stuck around to enjoy the cool breeze (got up to about 50 mph or so.) Ended up getting home about 3AM.


LOL. I was wondering who that was. I could of swore I saw SD plates on the vehicle though. I glanced at the plates and for whatever reason thought they said SD. Unless that was someone else? I passed and pulled over...then this person passed and pulled over...then I passed again. You should of stopped where I was if that was you! I swore these plates said SD though, but maybe not I guess.