6/14/05 REPORTS: Ohio Valley/Northeast

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Dan Robinson

After a marathon drive from Texas to make a 10AM meeting here at home, I took a nap and went back out for more chasing in West Virginia on Tuesday. Storms had heavy cores on radar but otherwise weren't very impressive in person. Decided to go to the 1,500 foot television tower near St. Albans and set up for some lightning shots, and was rewarded nicely! Set up very close to the tower, about 100 yards away - ran two cameras, one wide and one zoomed in close on the tip.

Click photos to enlarge:

Video, WMV 3.5MB:

Some notes:

- The lightning channels drifted significantly as they discharged, requiring subsequent return strokes to propogate new leaders down to the tower. You can see the new channels just above the tower tip.

- Glowing shards of metal arc-welded off of the tower can be seen falling through the air after the strikes.
Here in sw Ontario, we had a squall line go through. I managed to catch a nice looking shelf cloud, a zero vis downpour of rain and some close lightning.

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