07/27/05 REPORTS: Ohio Valley / Northeast

Dan Robinson

I chased for 9 straight hours today, from 1PM to 10PM and was never more than 40 miles from home. I drove from Charleston to Hurricane and back several times to photograph at least 7 separate thunderstorms during the course of the afternoon. I was juggling several chase goals at once, including lightning over downtown Charleston and close-up shots of lightning striking the WVAH TV tower in Putnam County. Ended the day by getting my shoes, socks and jeans soaked while shooting a flash flood in Hurricane! It is good to finally be inside and dry.

Here is a shot of lightning striking the WVAH television tower near St. Albans, using the new Raynox teleconverter I bought a while ago. This is the closest image of natural lightning I've ever been able to achieve.


From what I could tell, this bolt was a conventional cloud-to-ground strike that connected to the tower, rather than an upward-moving discharge initiated by the tower itself. The thunder was distinctly CG. After this strike, the strobes on the tower stopped flashing for about 10 seconds before resetting themselves.

More photos here:

The places I've ended up this week is stuff from a CSU weather weenie entry. On Monday, I went to survey damage from an alleged tornado in the town of Tornado, WV, then ended up chasing a Flash Flood in Hurricane. All while chasing Lightning from Tornado to Hurricane.