6/13/06 REPORTS: SD

What a fun day! Saw the initial hard convection go up on my way to Deadwood, SD but then turned my attention to the rapidly intensifying storm to the south of Rapid City. I was able to intercept that storm via highway 40 just south of Red Shirt. The storm sturcture and scenery were stunning and I took several photos before sampling the hail core, then retreated to capture more drop-dead gorgeous views of the storm retreating eastward over the Badlands. I shared the final colorful show with Roger Hill and his group until well after sunset.

Summary and a bunch of photos here: http://www.stormeffects.com/recent_events.htm



A dying LPish storm NW of Rapid City, SD

Andrew K and I ran into Mike Foster south of redshirt, he decided to head to the Rapid City shortly after then we moved to the SE to get better position for structure. We watched this thing for atleast an hour with out having to move. We got about nickle size hail for a short duration as we headed to our veiwing spot.

Beautiful banding noting the cork screw inflow bands from the SE and the NW.



The elveated supercell then became increasingly outflow and elongated