6/10/06 FCST: IL/IN

I know most of us today are concerned about CO/NE/KS areas today, but I've been paying more attention close to my home here in Indiana. Even though this is more of a rain event than a severe weather event NWS still has 80-90% chance for severe weather. I'm loosing hope for severe weather today, but weirder things have hapened here in IN. Looking for comments from other about this setup here in IN.

Edit: I know there is already a FCST up for this date for other areas, but I believe these are two different systems if this needs to be moved please do so.
Not sure where you got the 80%-90% chance of severe from NWS, that's not one of their products...

And I don't see anything that would result in any severe weather across central IL/IN, maybe the extreme southern parts where the instability is -- what are you seeing that makes you even have hope to begin with ;> ?
Im just looking at the 7 day forcasts for our area. In which they had 80% for thunderstorms for here in Lafayette and 90% chance for Terre Haute. I'm new at this so I'm just going off of what I read from them. Any who I see no chance for severe weather this evening also, but I just wanted to here others comment on this.
The chance of rain is 80-90%, there may be a few rumbles of thunder. There is no threat of severe weather around you.