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6/1/2004 REPORTS TX/KY

Eric Nguyen, Scott Currens, and I drove around forever looking for big hail, but never managed to find it. Amos didn't have trouble finding some, however. I can't believe the sunroof shattered.

Anyway, for consolation, he apparently saw a tornado with this cute little LP somewhere near Mineral Wells - about 5 minutes after I took the photo:

[Broken External Image]:http://www.jefflawson.net/wx/img/060104_lp_small.jpg

Anyway, highlights from the chase include an orphaned updraft spinning itself into oblivion near Glen Rose, a nice core with some strong winds near Springtown (apparently, there was some damage there), and the aforementioned LP. We also observed nearby power flashes from within Weatherford, so Melissa's post in the NOW thread regarding a tornado near there catches my attention. We just attributed it to high winds at the time.

I'm reminded of why I hate chasing in North Central Texas, though. The terrain sucks, the roads suck, and the traffic sucks. I need to move to Grand Island, NE or something.
NC TX Chase

Whew, what a day. Watched activity develop along old frontal boundary (radar) southwest / west of DFW area. Decided to leave home (Flower Mound, TX) around 4:30 with viewing target between Decatur and Weatherford as I still anticipated something in more favorable area to chase would develop NW as upper level disturbance was clearly noted approaching the region.

Did not have to wait long as storms near Wichita Falls erupted around 5:00PM, so made way for intercept. intercepted the supercell which developed in Clay county at Lake Bridgeport. Good motion, albeit a bit high based, was observed. While I was noting this, Roger Hill and his tour group arrived and confirmed the storm had shown a GTG around 140 recently before then. Unfortunately, storm quickly eveolved into HP mode and became outflow dominant; dashing what almost might have been a tornado over the lake.

Tagged along with their group for a while as we raced back to Bridgeport for south road option for escape ahead of southeast moving supercell. Nonetheless, encountered some golfball and larger hail as we skirted south of the core. Once in safe viewing spot, realized storm appeared quite outflow dominant. So decided to head west toward another storm recently severe in Young county that exhibited 120 GTG. Soon encountered winds in excess of 60mph and then our road became narrow county maintained variety for several miles. Dodged numerous tree limbs blown into road while watching for other possible objects as winds over 50mph persisted for next 10 or so miles. Finally made it to 281 north of Mineral Wells. At this point determined other cell was now HP and part of line.

Roger Hill and company went on north while I hung around the area watching local development and soon noticed rapid low level condensation directly west of me. Watched as very large wall clound quickly materialized with decent amount of motion. Also, realized was way too close for comfort so went south to Mineral Wells seeking shelter while storm passed. Outflow winds descended very fast and again I was hit with 60+mph gusts and tree debris. As I entered north side of Mineral Wells I witnessed, in my rearview, power flashes on both sides of road a quarter mile behind me and soon afterwards all power in area was lost. Not for certain, but while looking east at an intersection noted possible area of circulation (cloud motion and precip wrapping) in part of storm where wall cloud was previously (now rain wrapped). About that time the sirens in Mineral Wells went off (~8:00PM), lasted around three minutes. I sought shelter as hail began to fall and high winds continued. End of chase as storm passed and I trekked home via north of storms route.

But all was not completely through as was treated to wonderfully silhouetted small isolated supercell to the west at dusk, once I cleared the rain. Absolutely gorgeous structure, even if only silhouette; huge low level inflow band plus mid-level band directly above and well defined rain free base. Warning had just been issued for this storm in Young county for possible tennis ball sized hail. Storm weakening befor darkness fell. Quite a satisfying adventure.
Great photo Eric. I wish I could have taken a photo of those mammatus when we saw them.

Simon and I experienced some incredibly strong straight line winds a few miles north northeast of Weatherford, Texas. So strong it blew the roof off the building behind us. I estimated 80mph, but I heard a chaser nearby recorded 110 mph winds? I don't doubt that. There's not doubt there was some brief rotation near the ground associated with the storm, as we saw debrib flying nearby our location. However, I due think the damage near the Arlington area can be attributed to straight line winds, as I only saw outflow scud once it reached that location.

Jim Bishop
Here's a video capture from the moment of impact: four inch hail versus my windshield. The windshield lost.


I'm fairly certain the lowering near Brazos, Texas around 9:30 PM was on the ground. But by the time I turned my damaged truck around to face it, the funnel had lifted and so my blog photo is from about thirty seconds later. I'll wait to see if FTW does a survey before settling the question. The gorilla hail did a number on my vehicle and I'm scurrying around for glass shops that can handle it this morning.
Great photo Jeff. Do you have more of that storm? I was watching it from my house in Glen Rose and I also want a report from the ground because I thought I saw a large funnel in the east side of that cell for about 5 minutes but as far away as I was all I could see was a triangle stuck to the bottom of the east side of the storm. Just wondered if it ever made it to the ground. I was walking around the stadium of Glen Rose high school. Not good for watching storms with lightning all around but I've never seen a supercell in person and anything goes when it comes to seeing one. Nice storm. I saw it developing long before I even realized what I was looking at. That was about the time I got outraged because I thought the storms were dieing. That being after I watched them on radar since Brown county and they finally got close to me then died. I will bet I saw the best views of everybody, with the HP supercell that hit Fort Worth, the first time. Very nice storm. I haven't even seen pics as good as those looked. PM me if you use MSN, ICQ, or Yahoo IM's, please. I want to talk. I wonder also if somebody has pics of a closer view of the LP storm than Glen Rose on the southeast side.
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Squall line / bow echo moved through parts of WV today. RLX measured 61MPH winds in Charleston. Report of a fatality in Morgan County where winds flipped a tractor trailer. I witnessed numerous power flashes in town as the gust front hit. The entire Southridge Center shopping plaza (Wal-Mart, Sam's, Home Depot, restaraunts, hotels, movie theaters, shops, etc.) was without power for almost 24 hours. It was eerie seeing that place totally dark, it is normally the busiest place in town, even after midnight.

Lightning shot from this afternoon:

[Broken External Image]:http://wvlightning.com/2004/june1a2.jpg

Some short TCu tried to punch through the cap unsuccessfully ahead of the line, staying almost steady-state for over 20 minutes with constant pileus and virga, very photogenic. Got some good timelapse here.

[Broken External Image]:http://wvlightning.com/2004/june1tcu2a.jpg

Larger shots: