6/09/2009 REPORTS: KS/MO/CO

We targeted the Wichita area and ended up on the storms in SE KS near Howard, KS. The storm looked ok from South of Howard to Southeast of Elk Falls. A few images below:

At its peak near Howard:


Same storm further SE:


Same location SE of Longton (HDR):


A couple of earlier storms in Greenwood County:


After sitting around Pratt, KS for a better part of the afternoon, talked myself out of staying put with the southwest surface winds and drifted south and east with the Cu. Ended up in South Haven and eventually on the junk in Grant and Kay counties. Did measure a 61 mph gust north of the Ponca City airport and saw a rather large black rat snake. I'll take the wolves up here over a 5 foot snake any day.

Images and video can be found HERE
Chase Summary

Mike Mezeul and myself left Dallas around 8am for our target around Wichita, Kansas. We met up with Amos Magliocco and Kenneth McCallister in Norman and convoyed up to Wichita. We arrived in Wichita around 2pm and ran over some data. As we sat in Wichita we watched the cold front blow through on radar as we measured temperatures drop 9 degrees and the winds shift strongly out of the North. We relocated SE back into the warm sector where there were warmer temperatures and backed winds again. We went East out of Wichita and then South on 77 to Winfield. We waited while we watched agitated Cu try to break the cap. One storm rapidly blew through the cap and we followed it East on 160. We followed the storm from Cowley County into Elk County where near the town of Howard we observed a brief lowering with decent rising motion. We also observed quarter size hail and a gustnado before we measured 53MPH winds undercut the storm. We continued to Independence, Kansas where we met up with Scott Blair and finished the evening with an MCS at Pizza Hut. Nothing else of significance was observed. I will possibly post pictures later if I get around to it.
Now that V2 is over, I'll have plenty of time to catch up on my chase logs...

Intercepted the gorgeous supercell east of Dodge City. Though I certainly wanted to collected data of a tornadic supercell (too few of those the past 5 weeks!), the chaser in me certainly was happy to be witness to such spectacular structure.

More images at http://www.tornadocentral.com/chasing/2009/06092009.php