5/7/04 REPORTS: Eastern USA

Strong storm hit Parsons, WV also today at 5:00 p.m. Wind gusts of over 45 and some rotation, real green tinge to the sky. I was at work so I couldn't chase the cell :evil: but still got a good look. No hail, but torrential downpoars, heavy thunder, multitude of CG's, etc.
Here is a video clip of Friday's lightning and 'mini-haboob' in central West Virginia:


(Realvideo, 12.8 MB)

The first set of lightning clips was shot at the Goshen Road exit of I-79 between Morgantown and Fairmont. This storm was brand-new, high-based and producing beautiful out-of-rain CGs. The second segment with close lightning and blowing dust was shot at the Wilderness Plantation Inn at Jane Lew, south of Clarksburg on I-79 during a second, more intense storm to the south. The last few lightning shots were at the Weston exit of I-79, looking east at the departing storms.

I also witnessed a very distinct green tint to the inside of the 'whale's mouth' after the poorly defined shelf cloud rolled overhead (accompanied by 40mph+ winds). Rain was not very heavy at my location in Lewis County, no hail either.

CG lightning was extremely intense and frequent with these storms. Many 'sonic booming' positive 'anvil' CGs on the back side of the cells were characteristic of these storms.

A very spectacular sight, and particularly intense storms for this area of the country.

Here is the last WxWorx image I saved before turning off the laptop. The red dot was my location:

[Broken External Image]:http://wvlightning.com/2004/may7xm.jpg
Yes, definatly thanks Dan! I had to work so I couldn't check the NEXRAD images or anything and seeing the storm now, I'm like "Wow!" I was very impressed by the storm that blew through, and now I just hope it's not the last one for a while! :shock:

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