5/31/06 NOW: MO / IL / IN

Peter Creedon

As this slow moving cold front crawls through the region today, I have noticed several small cells popping up. There seems to be a small complex in Scott,Bollinger, and C. G counties, and one has hust popped up in Gasconade County. I am not feeling well, but I would like to chase the storms in Gasconade County. Cape G. is just too far south for me to drive to. Any comments are welcome.
I think Indiana should be included in the title. TOR warned storms in east central Illinoise


If anyone is chasing today and in the area take caution. These storms are along a line extending from Missouri Into southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Also in Colorado Funnel Clouds are being spotted on a storm 6 miles southwest of country gardens.
Just as a quick note - - storms seem to be firing along an outflow boundary in NE Kansas/NW Missouri over KC right now as well. One of them just west of Overland Park had a totally outstanding wall cloud that persisted for about 20 minutes as the storm initially went up. It's now obscurred by the precip core, and moving south (wall cloud is on the southern/leading edge of the cell). Could not determine any rotation in these at this distance. These storms are probably just pulsing severe, but really excellent structure for small storms outside of the slight risk today.
I got caught in the downpour as I moved South from Overland Park after working out. It figures I did not have my camera as I did not think storms were going to move in this soon . I should have brought it. Massive lightning bolds all over the place and continued as I headed West on 151 street . I think I saw the wall cloud as I sped towards Olathe and home as the skies cleared to the West . There seemed to be a tail like formation from it - is that right?- in the southwest. I did not see any hail. The rain then moved in and obscured mostly everything.
Hey Mike, Eric,

I saw the wall cloud from my office.. I thought i saw a funnel or lowering from it when i first observed it in the distance..I second guessed myself as I look at the SPC.. Nothing.. Hmmmm No watches, warnings, nothing..

I watched as the wall cloud went almost directly over our building in OP.. It definetly had a few lowerings that I found interesting..

Told my coworkers just an angry lil thunder cloud... lol
Now it seems that all of the cells have now turned into two big blobs of rain and thundershowers. Seems to be a lot of gunge near me. The people in Mt. Vernon are probably going to be pelted in the coming hour. I was able to get out yesterday and head to the SVR warned storm for St. Charles Co. in Missouri and Madison Co. in Illinois. Lots of gunge yesterday afternoon. To my west you could see new towers going up, in Montgomery Co. (I live on a hill.)

The SVR warned storm was near Spanish Lake and About near West Alton. After it moved into St. Charles County, it went to pieces after that. It died, caput. I went back home after that and laid down again. Totally needless for me to chase that little cell.

The reason I chased it was because around 1:45, the little warning box came up on Channel 2, and I said finally, there is something close to home. This thing was so pathetic that it was moving at 5 MPH.

All for now.
I guess I am not sure now where the wallcloud was. I must have seen it but .....
I was also surprised how fast things moved in. All I know is I should have my camcorder with me and should not have been working out before the stuff moved in (I thought it was later).
Over which part of the city was it?