5/30/05 REPORTS: CO, NM, TX

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Dan Robinson

Near Pritchett, Colorado

We're exhausted after a long and eventful day, so this full update will have to wait. Great day. Bagged some incredible lightning, rainbows, funnels and a brief tornado in southeastern Colorado. More photos to follow in a few days.

Currently in Dalhart, Texas for the night. Heading for Childress-Lubbock-Vernon TX area tomorrow.

Teamed up with an awesome group of chasers today, which made the day even more enjoyable. Many bizarre vehicle-related incidents that I'm sure you'll be hearing about later!
Caught up with a beautiful supercell NW of Logan, NM. Probably the best storm I have seen in a year or two. I was on Hwy. 54 between Logan and Nara Visa, NM looking to the W with great contrast. The wall cloud had some pretty good rotation with it, but from my vantage point I never saw a legit tornado. I did witness a funnel or two and my chase partner Matt Hines called in the funnels to the Albuquerque NWS. I really was thinking this storm was going to put down a very large tornado but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Hope you enjoy these photos from the chase.





I want to thank the chasers in our caravan who helped
me after I struck a deer yesterday on State Road 160
in southeast Colorado. It is a rotten thing that an
animal like that dies for no better reason than a guy
racing around looking at clouds. But she leaped out
of a deep ditch into the road and landed right in
front of me, so there was no avoiding the crash. I
pulled over and other chasers hurried to help clear
debris from around the wheel well and evaluate the
drivability of my car after making sure I was okay.
The best news was that the deer definitely died
immediately, confirmed by Jason Persoff who was behind

I want to thank Jason, Tony Laubach, Steve Hodanish,
Dan Robinson, Bill Coyle, Jeff Gammons, Chris Collura,
Kersten McClung, Scott Blair, Mark Sefried, Kurt
Hulst, and others. Yes it was a long caravan but in a
moment of potential danger it was good to be among

We chased multiple storms as they moved off the
mountains near Trinidad, each progressively more
impressive until we saw a cone tornado about 0235z
near Pritchett, CO in Las Animas County. I will post more detail and
imagery of my first relatively photogenic tornado of
the month when there’s some downtime perhaps tomorrow.
As for now we’re headed south to try our hand again.

Amos Magliocco
A few images from 5/30 chase in Southeast Colorado.

Just getting into the West Texas area for our last full day of chasing. Below are a few fast images of yesterdays supercells and tornado in Southeastern Colorado. We intercepted 4 supercells, many funnels, golf ball hail, and one short-lived small tornado at sunset.






FULL REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE - Updated 4:05pm MDT on May 31

A fine way to close out my Mayathon 2005; a tornado in my resident state! Took a while and some persistance, but we were finally able to score the beast! It was brief, but couldn't have been more rewarding!

The day started off with car repairs with Amos and Dave; Amos repairing a flat and Dave swapping out an oxygen sensor. Fortunately Trinidad was open on Memorial Day and both were able to take car of their respective car troubles. We then hung in Trinidad with friends til the first storms weaned us from Trinidad.

The first storm looked good for a bit before "looking like ass". The second storm gave us a gorgeous wall cloud which teased us before it, too, went into the ass closet.


In route to the third storm coming up from Raton, New Mexico, we hear that Amos clobbered a deer back on the highway. He was behind us by a ways, so when we pulled off to observe the storm, we awaited Amos and his vehicle to limp in. Fortunately, Amos was uninjured and was still able to smile admist the ordeal. After some observation and a bit of cutting with some kiddie pink scissors, he was able to resume the chase.


Verne and I bailed on the Raton storm shortly after it gave us a semi-persistant funnel. We hauled eastward to developing storms in Las Animas and Baca counties. We stopped south of Pritchett, Colorado on Highway 160 and awaited the southern storms to pass over us. The rest of the crew joined us and danced around some Bob's roads between 160 and the CO/NM border and ended up returning to 160 after the storm moved its way across the road. Verne and I pushed a bit west and briefly got cored by some decent sized before we stopped to watch INCREDIBLE storm motions; fastest I have ever seen!


As dark was falling, so did the clouds! Our tornado FINALLY touched down to th delight of all the chasers in the area. It was a brief sight, but a beautiful one!



We pushed to the next meso before I elected to sign off... I listened to many chasers congratulate me on today and wish me well as I was heading out. That was pretty cool! Thanks guys! However, my night didn't end there. I got cored again on Highway 160 heading back to the west when I stopped to film the hail. As I went to turn around, I misjudged the shoulder and got my front wheels stuck in the mud less than 12 inches from the damn road! I road out parts of the storm as my car was trying to slide into the very deep ditch. With no cell service, I was reduced to calling 9-1-1. As I was on the phone with the dispatcher, several very large hailstones (close to baseball) pounded my car. The dispatcher asked what the noise was (the loud bangs); I then kindly asked her to rely my hail report to NWS! :lol:

Unforunately, my cell phone died while on the phone with her, but was quickly relieved to see an Ace Towtruck stopping behind me. I jumped out in the pouring rain and hail and asked the guy for a pull. He wasted no time jumping out into the rain and hail to tie a rope to my car and yank me the 12 inches to get my on solid ground. As quick as he stopped, I thanked him and we both went our separate ways.

Then as I headed north on CO-109 towards La Junta, I was thinking I was going to score some great lightning shots; it was more hail; quarters slammed my car and the road again as I stopped to film at the Bent County line. The storm was quick to move on, and I was finally left to a peaceful trip home where I walked in the door to a happy girlfriend and my own bed!

Many thanks to tons of people in the caravan today! Too man to mention, but I would imagine most will post their report. Jeff, Kersten, Chris, Amos, Verne, Jason, Scott, Kurt, Dan, Bill, Mark, Steve, and Dan just to name a few. It was quite the gathering! :) Really a fun day!

FULL REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE - Updated 4:05pm MDT on May 31
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