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5/29/08 DISC: SD/NE/KS/IA

Hastings NWS rated the Glen Elder to Jewell KS tornado an EF-3. The EF-3 damage was found near the end of the track. They don't start the track till right near the Glen Elder dam, but do indicate that additional tornadoes in Mitchell county will be investigated soon. Seemed to me like the substantial truncated cone apparent by 843pm, which remained an increasingly nondescript tornado from my vantage point through/northeast of Glen Elder and beyond, touched down a couple miles SW of the dam. Maybe they didn't find any damage, or more likely it went right over the southeastern tip of that lake. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/crnews/display_story.php?wfo=gid&storyid=14993&source=0

Many more damage ratings listed here, including EF-2 in Kearney. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/crnews/display_news.php?wfo=gid
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