5/29/06 Now: TX / OK / KS

Jason A.C. Brock

Storm near Woodward OK had showed a TVS earlier and is still showing meso approaching Alva. Also weak landspout was reported in Lynn county near LBB. This cell has weakened and never was very strong but is interacting with alot of smale scale boundaries in the area im sure.
Cell North of Childress was severe but has weakened but cells to its SW continue to strenghten.
G 66 mph at Alva Airport at 5:49pm via OKC NWS. Dorian Burnett of WeatherData® reported a gustnado and considerable blowing dust.
Sitting in Salina (with Jason Persoff)with good backed winds watching cell to the northwest develop. It is isolated with crisp anvil. A little high based. In nice area with CAPE and moisture convergence. Upper level winds not good.

Bill Hark