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5/28/2004 REPORT: SD

There were reports on tornadoes in South Dakota. I've started this thread for anybody who may have been chasing. Please post your report.

Bill Hark
Well I never wondered into SD, but did see the sweetest of supercells in northern NE along the border with SD. Steve Peterson and I chased it from it's birth east of Spencer NE through Sioux City. I'd have to say it was a top 3 supercell for me.....not sure which place it'd be, but that it was in the top 3 I've ever seen. Elevated sculpted machine. It even managed a sculpted wall cloud.....crazy storm. Inflow winds likely over 50mph at times. Had to park away from dirt fields. Thanks to Steve for chasing today and making me second guess my thoughts on sitting this one out!!!! Yikes. Pics later.
I was on this cell to as it was in my area (yeah long chase here lol). The meso crossed directly over me in S. Sioux City. Beautiful supercell storm, significant rotation, golfball sized hail at S. Sioux City at Dakota and 33rd. Beautiful storm again, pics taken. Ranks in my top 4 of best supercells seen....breathtaking.