5/27/06 NOW: SD / ND / NE

I am sitting is Bismarck, ND watching some agitated Cu/Turkey towers trying to form overhead and just to the SW. It is 91/63, winds from the SE 15. Recent MCD issued. I may drift slightly north toward the boundary. I hope the cap breaks before dark.

Bill Hark
have some intense activity just west of Chicago, tornado warned cell currently moving just south of east towards the southern part of chicago metro, another cell in cental dekalb county just went svr warned.. lake boundary seems to be eroding and moving back east towards the lake. Vil is impressive on the storms 75 on the tornado warned cell. there is probably some rather large hail as high reflectivy goes though all the tilts.
Here we go again...See if this sounds remotely familiar this past week: Parallel storm movement to the boundary with storm motion >30mph to the north. Can't seem to get the convergence we need this past week!

Mesoanalysis shows abrupt wind change along the front in NW ND (out of the due north behind the front with SSE winds ahead). Interestingly, the front doesn't appear to be moving much at all. SRH is intense just behind the front...with over 650 m2/s2 N of Bismark (wow). CAPE is in excess of 3000 J. So why aren't the storms booming??? Hope they can get organized before dark...we're already at max daytime heating.
The cap pretty much is winning over the eastern third of the state (so far, that is)... I was out near Lakota, ND when the storms started firing northwest of Devils Lake and while they were maturing. I have some photos, but it'll have to wait until I'm home from work...

There was a report of 3" hail in Bisbee about an hour ago from this cell. And a TOR is valid for another 20 min's or so for radar indicated rotation... I have a co-worker out on the cell, but he's saying he hasn't seen much of anything, with the exception of some intensely green skies. He also said that a few " very well-equipped" vehicles passed him, going north on Hwy 281.