5/25/06 REPORTS: TX

Jason Boggs

Got on the storms that were near Panhandle today. They were pretty crappy at first but they got their act together and produced some very heavy rain and lots of small hail along with some nasty CG lightning. Guess what this lightning caused? As the last 3 or 4 months have proven around here, fire has been the main story, and it was just that again today. At first I thought the smoke in the distance was dirt being kicked up by gusty outflow winds. As it persisted and stayed put in pretty much the same area, I concluded that it was in fact a fire created by the lightning. There were multiple fires but the video stills here are from the fire 5 miles NE of Claude. I got to see heavy rain, hail, a nice rainbow, some nice towers and multiple fires today. I have a feeling I may be busy on the 4th of July!

high base near Conway

Smoke from a distance (video still)

As I get a little closer (video still)

These firefighters from Claude get ready to battle the flames (video still)

Smoky scene looking west (video still)

Flames and smoke as it started to sprinkle (video still)