5/20/04: NOW: IL, WI, IA, CO, KS, NM

I think your discussion said it all... There's nothing to discuss yet - we need some storms to fire first ;>
Storms in CO and KS

We need to have the NOW heading changed to include CO, KS and NM. There are a few strong storms developing in Southeast CO Southwest KS and Eastern NM. I really like the visible statellite of that storm in NM. It's so huge it looks like a bright shining silver dollar laying on the landscape.The height of that storm on the NWS radar is really impressive too.

I'm hoping there's a few chasers in CO and NM following these storms. 8) LJK.
That storm near Roswell looks awesome on satellite and good on radar. Td spreads are quite high so not sure about tornadic possibilities but I sure wish I could have been down there today. Since the storm is moving near Roswell surely some reports about the storm will surface.
Great - the tor-watch box shows up near my target for yesterday ... nothing like being a day late and a dollar short ... if I can make it up there in time, great - but looks like the storms are already building in so. Iowa ...
Tornado watch is up in NE Colorado with a cell firing on or about Greeley. I see its now listed as severe. Here comes the night time severe. Good luck to everyone who ventured to Colorado today
On the phone now with Kenneth McCallister who is also on the cell in Colorado near fort Morgan. He says the storms is impressive but they cant see the reason for the tornado warning at this time unless it may be rain wrapped. Storm is broad with a rain free base but is also quite high based. He is with the weathervine group I believe alogn with many other chasers moving East just ahead of the cell on I-76.....GO KENNETH!
Lots of blowing dust from the storm at Fort Morgan & 50-60mph RFD winds being reported at this time. No tornado has been sited by the group Im on the phone with but a gustnado or two has been seen.
An _intense_ amount of lightning with the storms just west of Lansing and coming out of Chi-town... 2" hail, wind damage, and plenty of flooding reported around IL/WI.
Yay, night chases are my favorite! :roll: Not chasing this one at all, but I will be out locally spotting for anything. Thinking I'll play Livingston and keep working south with the line to the Lenawee/Monroe area before calling it quits. Hope everyone on the CO sup is having a great time!
And looking at radar, I should be leaving now! A little bit of back-building on those guys headed into Lansing. Unfortunately, GRR radar is still down from that line that went through earlier today.
Well, at least the Fort Morgan storm is cooperating as far as road network is concerned. Just have to jump off I-76 and continue east on Hwy. 34.

Here's hoping no one mistakenly stays on the Interstate thinking it continues due east, driving straight into the core!
Jim Cantore just stated on TWC 2 min ago that spotters reported a tornado on the ground with the E. CO storm. Has anyone with access to someone in the field been able to confirm this? I thought everyone was just reporting strong RFD winds??
Fort Morgan CO Supercell

We saw a few small funnels but no actual tornado on the Fort Morgan storm....however we noted three to four distinct dry microbursts, the last one was quite large and kicked up dust several hundred feet into the air, also noted two power flashes coinciding with the occurance of the last microburst.

Jay Barnes