Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas
Submitted by Jeff Gammons

Dust Devil Chasing In South Florida
Saturday April 24, 2004
Video/Photo(s) By: Jeff Gammons --

Went out early this afternoon over western Palm Beach County in search of dust devils. Each year around this time the dust devils are common over the exposed soil of the sugarcane farming lands. You have to be in place before the daily east coast sea breeze and lake okeechobee boundaries get going. It made fore a fun afternoon. Keeping busy while all the true storm action continues in the central United States. Looking forward to our trip in May!

Enjoy the video!

Video and Photo Gallery:


Jeff Gammons
Here's a link to the photos I took of a low-topped cell that moved over Falls City, Nebraska. This ended up being one of the most beautiful non-tornadic little storms. Once it got into the area of higher helicities in SE Nebraska, the storm developed a broad inflow area and long shelf that led into the downdraft. The light was great - the sky was fantastic. Wish we could have had higher instabilities, as these cloud bases were so low to the ground ... would have gotten some great stuff. Still worth every second. After I got home and looked through the photos, there were two deer standing in one of the fields in a couple shots, but I hadn't noticed them at all while I was there - too busy watching the storm. Also saw a couple pheasants when I got across the river back into Missouri - and a gorgeous sunset.

Here are the pics: http://www.stormseason.com/42404Photos.htm
Saw it on the Weather Channel!!

Hey it looks like the dust devils Jeff took videos of made it on the air on the Weather Channel this morning. Those little devils would be fun for chase practice, would they??