4/21/06 REPORTS: AL/MS

Nov 18, 2005
I figured I would give everyone a update on some minor storm activity that rolled through southern Alabama and Western Florida panhandle on Friday. Started out in Mobile, AL around 3:30 and chased a weak squall line approaching the Mobile area. I knew I wasn't going to see much this day in the way of tornadic activity as upper level dynamic patterns didn't really go into my favor. I was only hoping to see a nice shelf cloud. I intercepted a weak shelf cloud around Lucedale, MS and sat there hoping that some hail might fall out. I really wasn't that worried about getting hail dents because my truck already received damage from the April 7th event. Unfortunately I didn't encounter any hail so I decided to jet east and cross over the bay in hopes of getting some really nice photos of the shelf cloud. Once I arrived at the battleship I sat and waited for the storm to approach. The storm was weak so I didn't get the pictures I wanted. That's always great. The fun stuff came after the storms passed. I watched some nice towers go up on the back side of the squall and got some really nice lightning pics as well. I think I was more excited however of seeing the towers than I was of the weak shelf cloud. I guess the environment doesn't always give us what we want but we can make the most of what we are given. I figured I would post this little encounter since I know a lot you storm chasers don't get the opportunity to chase in the piney woods of MS and AL. There were 2 tornado reports in NW Florida but I wasn't able to get on those storms. The storms that went tornadic around 10PM.
3:30PM Located along Hwy 98 approx 10 miles NW of Mobile[attachmentid=199]
4:30PM Shelf crossing the bay[attachmentid=198]
5:30 PM Looking east over Daphne, AL[attachmentid=197]
8:30 PM Looking east over Daphne, AL[attachmentid=200]
10:30 PM as storms roll past, secondary storms that former behind the initial Squall. [attachmentid=196]
Good stuff erik! Sorry I couldn't roll out with ya due to work.

That grassy area with the stumps i usually full of water. it's dry because of the drought we were having.

Good shots in and around the Bay and of the battleship.