Simon Brewer


Saw a large wedge SSW of Perryton TX but initial touchdown was around 8:05 pm. This tornado was undercut by outflow and another developed to its north and eventually was undercut by outflow as well.

Tornadoes were large, but did not appear to be violent.

Simon Brewer, Lela Knight and I bagged two large tornadoes between 8 and 8:20pm roughly 10 miles south southwest of Perryton, Texas or about 15 miles east south east of Spearman, Texas. I reported the tornado to the local sheriff's office who (I was told) relayed the report to the NWS.

First tornado at 8:05pm.

Second Tornado

Second Tornado again

Even though these tornadoes were very large, they appeared to be fairly weak. More pictures and a chase summary will be on http://stormgasm.com soon. Oh, what a day!


Jim Bishop
That's what I get for leaving the Perryton area around 7:30 for home.... At least today I won't have to travel as far , to bust.
Originally posted by David Schuttler
That's what I get for leaving the Perryton area around 7:30 for home.... At least today I won't have to travel as far , to bust.

I know how you feel David. I was chasing with David Drummond up until around 8pm. I broke off of that storm sw of pampa while David continued on to catch the wedge. he called me and had me report it to the NWS for him at 845. I was so pissed at myself and embarrassed I made that choice. :oops:
Nice Video

Nice video there David. I'm pretty sure we saw the same tornado as you near dusk. The only thing is that my crew was about 10-15 miles south of Perryton, looking west say 1-2 miles. I'm trying to figure out where you were in relation to the tornado and my crew. We're working on getting our video up soon....who knows when that might be! Got finals coming up.


Jim Bishop
We saw it when we topped the hill coming out of the river valley an ran video from that point. We were seeing it off to the NW of us at that point.
Jim, you guys were in a red pickup, weren't you?

If so, Dave and I passed you just after we got onto the hail, so our perspectives were nearly identical.


We were further up the road in our friend's 94 (I think blue colored)Saturn. But ok, you guys were just a few miles south of us. You must have been in the valley when the first wedge touched down.

We almost went home since the storm was a complete pile of you know what. But Simon looked in the rear view mirror and saw a rock solid back sheared anvil. After taking photos of that, we hauled it north through the valley, and after coming over the hill we saw a massive wall cloud a couple miles to the west. It soon produced the first wedge. This storm truely shocked the hell out of me.

Ya, I think we may have (barely) seen the first tornado from the distance just before we dropped down into the valley.

Probably only took us about 4 or 5 minutes to get back up the north side of the valley.

The red pickup I saw was probably someone from an AMA TV station, then.