4/14/2006 NOW: OK

Apr 7, 2006
Nice cell fired in NW Oklahoma and is now SVR warned (since 6:47PM) for penny to nickel sized hail. Seems to have fired along the dryline/warm front out ahead of shortwave now ejecting over rockies with expected cyclogenesis for tomorrows FCSTed event. WNWesterly 500-mb winds are pushing the anvil downstream over OKC and Norman. I was looking at FCST for tomorrow and looked out the window and was about to shut the blinds when I noticed it. I'm thinking this cell will be short-lived and will probably die out within the next 30 minutes with loss of daytime heating. Still a nice thing to see in Oklahoma on another hot scorching day of dry weather.

Td's in the mid 50's over NW OK with temps in the mid 80s goes to show that the CAP can still be broken however isolated it is. Many will think I'm insane for posting this for one cell, but hey.. rain.. in oklahoma... what is rain again? :)
The storm is extremely high-based, being in an environment of 35-40F dewpoint depresssions (so cloud base is nearly 8000-9000 feet high). The storm actually went severe-warned about an hour and half ago (5:45p I think), and it showed moderate rotation as it crossed through southwestern Dewey county (same time it showed very high reflectivities aloft). With very warm temps, I assume any very large hail melted quite a bit on the way down. However, a deeply mixed boundary layer / inverted-V sounding indicates a strong potential for damaging winds.