4/13/04 NOW: NC region

Unfortunately, the whole SE Virginia/ NE North Carolina region is covered with clouds, rain, grunge and imbedded storms. Helicities are impressive but the instability in fairly low. The warm front is located along the VA/NC border and there are SE winds in eastern NC, SW in Norfolk. I had planned on chasing today (and I was even able to get off work at 2PM).
I think brief spinups are possible along the warm front but with poor visibilities, I am going to bail on this chase.

Bill Hark
I guess this may really be a report, but not much of one. I just got back from a grunge chase to Tarboro, NC. Saw one lightning strike. And once again, storms with lightning and hail are heading for West Virginia, 350 miles away. What a downer! I'm not sure I will bite on another NC setup again. Heading back to Charleston now.