4/10/04 NOW: TX

Honkin' supercell moving down the front and down I-10 near Schulenburg. If it's not undercut, it's moving through a moderately good environment for tornadoes.
Regulated to home due to broken lower control arm on the car.

I am more concerned about the hook on the storm in Austin Co. right now, both storms barreling right in MY direction. If you see any warnings for Katy, I am out watching with the camera...
A day before a torando warning is issued in houston, and my math, and analysis hits the mark again!:)

Gosh exciting. Look at this page of mine for Tornado Intensity Map, and Tornado And Severe Thunderstorm Watch Boxes I issue!:)

A new map will come up in 2 hrs from now!


Kevin Martin
ummm, according to my calculations.... it looks like the main puppy producing tornado warnings is headed down interstate #10 towards Houston. I wonder how busy that highway is...

The Katy Freeway (I-10W) is a giant parking lot Monday-Friday, 3-8pm. Luckily it is Saturday. Tornado warning continues for Southern Harris, through the heart of downtown Houston.
I got a good storm here, dime sized hail, torrential rain and WIND. Times the wind was changing direction so fast I was getting a little nervous. Still getting good CGs just west of my house. The tornado warned area is the same area hit by tornadoes in November. Since I couldn't go anywhere, just pulled the lawn swing in the garage and watched it all.
I "chased the warnings" near Houston today and didn't see much noteworthy.. I probably should have stuck with the best looking storm, the first one I saw when I drove north from home to near Tomball. It had some nice looking low-hanging scud in the rain free base to the south of the rain area; I found out later that storm dropped baseball hail on Magnolia to the north.

While there, I heard a tornado warning for Waller County to the west with Prairie View in the path so I got to Prairie View in 15 min.. but the main rain area was to the south. So I went south from there, encountering heavy rain and street flooding in Brookshire. Then I went on I-10 to the east through Katy but I couldn't catch up to the tornado warnings continuing to the east, due to traffic slowing to 30 mph on the freeway in the heavy rain and small hail. It was a fun outing though, and I learned a little about the importance of taking visual cues. :)

Note that local TV reported damage likely from a small tornado in SW Houston, where cars were overturned in a parking lot w/ structural damage to stores and a gas station canopy nearby.